CAPM Third Exam Guarantee

CAPM Third Exam Guarantee
Third Exam Pass Guarantee for SmartPath LLC's CAPM Trainees

Here’s the Summary of your simple checklist to stay compliant for a 3rd exam payment
(1) Finish your first CAPM exam within 30 days after your original training
(2) Finish all quiz practice before the first exam.
(3) If you need to take a second exam, purchase a quiz extension / resubscription, and finish all quiz practice before your second exam
(4) We must be able to pay for your third exam within your 12 months of exam approval. You track your exam approval time, because we don't.

Note: If you took one exam before coming to SmartPath LLC for exam Prep and you have just two more exams to go within your exam eligibility period, then you would not qualify for a third exam payment.

See about us, as this section includes all policies regarding re-sitting, cancellation of class, policies regarding new exam and more.