PMP Guarantees, Re-sitting, More

PMP Guarantees, Re-sitting, More
Here’s the Summary of your simple checklist to stay compliant for a 3rd exam payment. This third exam pass guarantee is for 4-days or Two Weekends of PMP(R) Certification with Exam Prep purchased online at these price points.

Note: This third exam pass guarantee may not apply if you came to our training through an organization where it was not a part of our quote.

Retraining Loyalty example, it does applies to the a href=""> Premium retraining
but not for retraining, Option 2, and not for any of the shorter packages from one hour to two days. Check with Nereda Haque, PMP, if you have any questions.

Please call or text Nereda Haque, PMP for all information on training at 360-584-8614 or email her.

Summary of Third-Exam Pass Guarantee:
(1) Finish your first PMP(R) exam within 30 days after your original training
(2) Finish all quiz practice before the first exam.
(3) If you need to take the second exam, purchase our Online quiz practice and finish all quiz practice before your second exam
(4) We must be able to pay for your third exam within your 12 months of exam approval. You track your exam approval time, because we don't. (Track your eligibility dates and exam fee through your PMI login dashboard.) It is important to submit your quiz practice so we can see whether or not you have done them.

If you don't have 3 exams in your eligibility period If you took one exam before coming to SmartPath LLC for exam Prep and you have just two more exams to go within your exam eligibility period, then you would not qualify for a third exam payment. At SmartPath LLC, preparing for the PMP(R) Exam is prevention-driven. Re-sit the training before taking your exam if needed. If you are a slower learner, re-sit as many times as you need within your 12 months of re-sitting.

See about us and policies for all training policies regarding purchases and re-sitting. See also the class description on the purchase pages. Particularly since the PMI(R) Authorized PMP(R) Exam Prep content is non-refundable. We provide it in digital (12 months use) and print. PMI assigns it to you and you cannot re-assign it.

Free Re-sitting: for the PMP(R) exam that started 1/2/2021 is for up to 12 months from your original training or until PMI changes their PMI(R) Authorized PMP(R) Exam Prep book, whichever is first. If the exam changes, you will need to retrain for the new PMP Exam. See the last paragraph below. You do not receive new materials when re-sitting a class or more online quiz practice. You do receive new materials when purchasing a new class or a loyalty class. There is no free re-sitting for those who take a special priced transition class to retrain when a PMP exam changes or when PMI changes their exam content. A transition special provides you the exam content and retraining one-time.

Prior Exam Free Re-sitting - Prior Exam: for the exam ending 12/30/20 it was for up to six months after the 1/2/2021 was announced or until the last class purchased by someone else for the same training, whichever is first. Note: when an exam ends, there will not be any re-sitting opportunities available. A new PMP exam will require retraining: < a href="">Retraining options, new exam content (print and digital class content), SmartPath LLC's supplemental materials in digital format, and 60 days online quiz learning starting on day 3 of training.

Retraining for 4 days & Re-sitting, Regular and Transition terminologies at SmartPath LLC. We have regular loyalty programs (Premium & Option 2) that you can choose when a PMP(R) exam changes. These regular loyalty priced offerings are always available to our trainees who took their original PMP training with SmartPath LLC, if they still need to take the exam after it changes, or their free re-sitting expired. The class at a loyalty URL is the same class offered on the original training site. The difference is how much you pay. Former trainees don't have to purchase the same class at the new training price. We had transition loyalty for a month or two after most exam changes. This "deal" is only made available for an exam that just changed for only 60 days. Because of it's low price, someone has to purchase a class at a new price or a regular loyalty price in order for you to take the training at a transition price. Due to irregularities such as exam cancellations, COVID-19 or other factors present, we make a special transition class a once-only-class (no re-sitting) at a very little price to recent trainees only. The transition price is only available this time to V6 trainees transitioning to exam that started 1-2-2021 and it was over with the last March class of 2021.

There will be a new PMBOK(R) Guide, Seventh Edition, which will make changes to the Authorized PMP(R) Prep book.