PMP Guarantees, Resitting, More

PMP Guarantees, Resitting, More
SmartPath LLC's PMP(R) Pass Guarantee for the Third Exam Payment, Your 4 Compliance Activities, Policies Surrounding Training and Benefits Summary:
Here’s the Summary of your simple checklist to stay compliant for a 3rd exam payment
(1) Finish your first PMP® or CAPM exam within 30 days
(2) Finish all quiz practice before the first exam. Note: CAPM trainees will have less quiz practice
(3) If you have to take the second exam, purchase a quiz extension / resubscription, and finish all quiz practice before your second exam
(4) We must be able to pay for your third exam within your 12 months of exam approval. You track your exam approval time, because we don't.

Note: The Third exam payment cannot exceed $375.00

Policies and Procedures around the Third Exam Payment:
This Pass Guarantee pays for the third exam based on your compliance and is provided for SmartPath LLC’s PMP Certification with Prep (4 to 5 days) or CAPM (3 days) training. All classes are guaranteed to run at the time of purchase. 2 Day Preps and other training are not included but they will save you money if you have trained with any company before and you want a strong refresher.

Exception to a third payment: If you are starting a new 12 months for Exam acceptance, then the pass guarantee applies. If you are starting at exam tries 2 or 3, then it cannot apply because only pay $275 or $375 for a third exam payment only, within a given exam acceptance period. Failed with a Competitor Pricing: You can get a good discount by if you failed a class using a competitor that provides onsite training or 100% Live Video Conference just like we do. This discount does not apply to e-learning programs, video learning and self- learning as they tend to be less effective and they are not competitive in terms of what they deliver. Take advantage of the 6 months of free resitting and seek our help in guiding your success by providing your last exam report. Some organizational training may not allow for a third exam pass guarantee. If, however, it has been a long time since you took the exam, then purchase one of our regular programs so you can take advantage purchase our "failed with a competitor" special if this program applies to you..

Checklist for Pass Guarantee Compliance: Click on the picture on this page and print it for yourself. SmartPath LLC cannot keep reminding you of your compliance responsibilities. If the pass guarantee is important to you, please track your 4 compliance activities above. Not available at this time. Print the summary above.

SmartPath LLC's 3rd Payment Pass Guarantee Obligation ends 12 months from the start of your exam approval: The third exam payment is made with you, and for you, during a conference call with the Project Management Institute. If the PMI® organization grants you an extension to your PMP exam, we will not pay for your exam outside of the first exam approval period. We will pay for it before your initial 12 months expires. So get it paid during this time. Therefore, also call or email us to pay for your exam before your approval runs out, and you can then schedule it before or during your extended time. Therefore, it is your responsibility to provide your exam reports. Our payment will be either for $275 or $375 member / non-member rate only, whichever applies.

SmartPath LLC’s PMP / CAPM Pass Guarantee Requests: For PMP /CAPM Certification Training with Exam Prep only. Send your request to:

The following new PMP Certification with Exam Prep trainees also qualify for the pass guarantee when they take their original class with us: Trainees coming through voucher programs, coupon specials, or any other specials on SmartPath LLC’s website for this 4-day training or 4 or 5-day Organization's. Note Exceptions: (1) If you are taking a loyalty priced retraining class, it may not offer a 3rd exam pass guarantee. The special "Failed with a Competitor" program does not offer a pass guarantee if the trainee is starting at exam 2 or three. (2) Organizational training where organizations are not interested in offering their trainees a third exam pass guarantee are excluded from the third exam payment program, along with other exclusions in the contract.

About the PMI® PMP Exam Acceptance Period. allows you to take the PMP exam 3 times within 12 months. Every time you take the exam, it must be paid for. The first time you take it, it costs $405 or $555 depending on whether or not you are a PMI Member. The next time you take it, it is $275 / $375 member / non-member rate. Every PMP Exam is not the same. PMI does not release prior PMP Exams for you to study. The PMP exam is based on their PMP Exam outline and your success may be based on the level of difficulty you were able to achieve. However, each exam question is worth one point. You need a thorough preparation in order to pass it. And you need both the appropriate experience and 35 hours of project management training in order to be approved to take the PMP Exam. Just because you have Exam acceptance doesn't mean you know enough in order to pass the PMP exam. It just means you have done some project management training any time in the past. You need to make sure your current training covers the information you need to know in order to be successful. The non-member rate for the CAPM exam is $300 and the repeat exams within the exam acceptance period is $225. Note: Go to the website of the Project Management Institute's website for all exam cost information. SmartPath LLC has nothing to do with the price of your PMP exam, and PMI may make changes at any time.

Summary of SmartPath LLC's Unparalleled, Multiple Guarantees / Benefits:

(1) Pass Guarantee for the third exam for all applicable training
(2) Resitting Guarantee - up to 6 months from the first day of training provided you still need to take the Exam. Rules of Resitting: Resitting is only available via 100% Live Virtual Online / Live Video Conference. Resitting the training can only happen if the class has gone forward - that is, someone else has purchased a class. 100% live online resitting is usually available monthly; however, some classes advertised on may not go forward. Bonus resitting: This bonus is for doing all quiz practice and taking your the first exam within 30 day of class. For doing this, you will receive two more resitting opportunities after your first six months of resitting have expired - one time before each additional exam.
(3) Guaranteed-to-Run training at the time of purchase:
- A class may be canceled during disastrous storm or non-preventable medical emergencies. During our 11 years in business we have never cancelled a class for these reasons but we cannot always be predictive. A class is guaranteed to run at the time of purchase - meaning when the class is purchased. We have the right to cancel any class that no one has purchased at any time. So some available class dates may disappear until you've purchased them.
(4) Coaching & Support - you have two coaches and you can communicate by phone, text or email.
(5) There are no fees for rescheduling your training
(6) Flexibility of class dates for any 4-day training onsite by Live Video Conferences – pick your dates in sequence. You may split a class in half only. Day 1 is always a Day 1, Day 2 is always a Day 2. Pick day 1 and day 2, and then a day 3 and day 4.

Pass Guarantee Terminology / SmartPath LLC's Terminology & Policy:
(1) "Resitting" means resitting after an original first PMP Training consisting of 4 or 5 days or resitting a Do-It-Again Class, of 4 days.

(2) Retraining:
"Retraining" is used after any and all resitting opportunities have expired. This is the time when you can take advantage of highly discounted loyalty training.

Retraining Programs:
(a) PMP Virtual Refresher
: 100% Live Virtual Online / Live Video Conference. The pass guarantee does not apply to this retraining. We include hardcopies of the materials only when you purchase 4 days.
Do It Again
: This is the only refresher option with a pass guarantee.
(c) A Budget Option with 4 days of class, materials, and quiz practice; however, no free resitting options.
(d): These 3 options can be found under
loyalty retraining. The lowest price option starts is $399. All options include new materials, 30-day online quiz subscription, and 4 days of training.

(3) About Resitting Your Original Training & Materials and or Online Quiz Practice

       a. Resitters don't receive new materials or new online quiz practice subscription/s unless they want to purchase them. You will not be able to use your telephone, or mobile (cellphone) phone for Live Video conference resitting sessions. You may use your tablet, or computer only. Taking phone calls using mobile causes "clacking" so if you join this way you will be asked to rejoin using acceptable devices prescribed by our training. We use VOIP training methods. There are no exceptions.

       b. Resitting is provided after the trainee finishes their first original training only: You are required to finish your original training before requesting to resit the training. Note: Resitting has no monetary value. It is an optional benefit. The class is the price you paid for it, whether you resit or not. Resitting is your choice. We are only able to offer this when there are (unsold) seats available onsite or by via live online video conference when available. Live Video Conference is offered every month, weather permitting and as long as one or more people have purchased the training to enable the class. You have to be within the 6 months of your original class in order to resit, or you must have earned a compliance bonus that provides two more opportunities, one before each exam.

       c. Resitting within the months preceding a PMP Exam Change Period: We will find an onsite seat once for any onsite trainee who fails within their six months of resitting period or bonus period, even when seating availability is tight, and we will provide a Live Video Conference (LVC) resitting for LVC trainees. Our Director of Education also likes to meet trainees in person or via Live Video Conference or provide guidance over a phone conversation to discuss your challenges when this happens. If too many people are online, listening will always be made available to those resitting, and all your questions can be sent to Nereda, who will forward them to the Instructor to answer in the classroom. We have done this many times and in our experience with LVC, live participation has been available 99% or more of the time except the last month for an exam change.

       d. Materials & The Replacement or Non Replacement: Always bring your material package to class or you will be charged for a new package not to exceed $138 plus tax** unless you find someone to share with, plus postage if any.

Note: SmartPath LLC's materials are dynamic and may change from time to time, and materials will change when there's an exam change. Any change that may impact your Exam result are rare and that information is added to the Online Quiz practice so you will have it regardless, if you practice them all. We do not replace your materials. If your dog or cat, or even your children, or any other creature destroys your materials, you will need to purchase new materials. We do not replace your materials. When the exam changes, if you have not taken your exam, you should replace your materials for maximum risk mitigation.

(4) The PMP Online Quiz Practice 30-day Subscription is elearning, interactive practice that may come with various purchase options; however, it always comes with a 4 or 5-day original PMP Certification with Exam Prep class or with the "Do It Again" program. Send us an email if you have questions.

(5) "Exam" on this page means PMP Exam or CAPM exam.

Other Policies regarding Benefits, Application, Life Events, New PMP Exam etc :

       b. Life Events' Distractions: If you are sidetracked or distracted in your exam goals and don't take the current Exam there are affordable options that are loyalty priced: Loyalty Options for Retraining, or Self-Learning. A new materials package is also a part of this option, along with "Budget Retraining," "Select A Day" Retraining, and "Do It All Again" and learning packages comprised of materials and quiz practice subscriptions. You can find quiz options on the left side of the navigation bar, near the top.

       e. SmartPath LLC’s continued, dedicated coaching (comprised of answering your questions even after class) & support for your success, is our Mission. Contact Nereda Haque at 360-584-8614 or via email if you need assistance.

       f. Help with your PMP Application: Review your resume for qualification before you pay for training if you request it.

       g. PMP Application in the Classroom or via Live Video Conference: We go over your PMP application in class and explain how to fill in the information with written guidelines. If you are pre-approved you won’t need this part. For online learners we do this via live video conference very successfully.

       h. Submission of your application: After we have reviewed it, please submit your application before class on the last day of training.

Other Information
New Exam Training and Resitting a V6 Class for V5.2 Trainees who have resitting privileges: (The V6 PMP Exam started 3/26/18.) The V6 PMP Class Materials: V6 materials are very different from V5.2 exam materials although about 70% of the information is the same. Resitting will be available via Live Video Conference only, for onsite V5.2 trainees, unless you have new materials. Your resitting ends on the 6th month after the month you started. This will provide opportunity for all of you to resit if you still need to take the exam. All V6 resitters will be required to purchase new materials in order to resit the class onsite due to the extensive amount of information that you should know and the complete repagination of our materials that were needed to deliver the information that you need to know in order to pass the V6 exam. This has been a standard policy when the exam changes. V6 materials will be available for $99 plus tax through 5/31/18.

All Policies Regarding Purchases including cancellations: click here
*SmartPath LLC is required to charge tax when applicable for VA, MD, DC, MI, TX, NJ, WA States and for Australia, GST. Usually applies only to reordering materials for your training. Material prices are subject to change.
**Classes go forward when someone purchases them, even if there’s only one person in the class
*** Older smartphones, even with newer IOS, etc. may not work for our quiz practice. We cannot guarantee that your smartphone devices will work with our quiz practice. However we have not had any issues with smartphone quiz takers since 2015. However, tablet and computer users are able to do their quiz practice as always. You may use any device to do your quiz practice. You will see the question, the four answers to choose from, and the best answer in a drop-down menu.

This page may be updated from time to time. Last updated on 4/9/18.

It is our Mission to help you succeed.

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