PMI-ACP(R) Pass Guarantee

PMI-ACP(R) Pass <span style="color: red">Guarantee</span>
SmartPath LLC’s PMI-ACP(R) Pass Guarantee* is for a 3rd exam payment based on the following - updated 1-9-2020.

Summary: To Receive a Third Exam payment should you fail the first 2 times during your 12 months exam approval period
Here’s your simple checklist to stay compliant for a 3rd exam payment.
(1) Finish first exam within 30 days
(2) Finish all quiz practice before the first exam
(3) If you have to take the second exam, purchase a quiz extension / resubscription, and finish all quiz practice before your second exam
(4) We must be able to pay for your third exam within your 12 months of exam approval. You track your exam approval time, because we don't. We pay for the third exam within your original 12 months of eligibility sequence. And your exam payment cannot exceed $395.

All Guarantees: - See all details below.
(1) Pass Guarantee - for third exam
(2) Re-sitting Guarantee - 6 months or until the last purchased class of the current exam whichever is first
(3) Guaranteed-to-Run training at the time of purchase
(4) Coaching & Support while studying and doing quiz practice(5) No fees for rescheduling your training
(5) No charge to reschedule. You you take our class starting at exam 2 of your eligibility, then you would not qualify for a third payment.

       a. You must complete all 2 to 3 days of training based on the class you took.

       b. You must take your first PMI-ACP exam within 30 days of training and finish all quiz practice before taking the PMI-ACP exam.

       c. If you fail the first exam please send exam results Nereda Haque, PMP

       d. Before taking the 2nd exam, you must retake the Online Quizzes and complete all of them again. These will be made available to you when you purchase the Online Quiz extensions.

       e. If you fail the 2nd exam, you must allow us to pay for the third exam with your cooperation over a conference call to PMI before your exam initial 12 months of eligibility expires. We do not pay $435 or $495 for your exam fee. We pay $335 or $395 for the third exam payment. We pay the price of the third exam in the eligibility period sequence.

Our PMI-ACP class guarantees include the following:

       c. The third exam pass guarantee is applicable to all Individual purchases, Group specials, voucher programs, coupon specials or any other specials on SmartPath LLC’s website for 2 or 3 day PMI-ACP training that even includes the Fast Review of 2 days as it prepares you for the exam too.

2. Guaranteed Free Re-sitting Requirements:

       a. You will receive unlimited access to free re-sitting as often as you need it for up to six months or up to the last class for the current PMI-ACP whichever comes first, calculated from the first original day of training live online.

       b. Up to 12 months following class for a free re-sitting bonus or until the last class purchased by someone else for the current exam whichever is first: This bonus applies only if you took your first exam within 30 days of your original training and you failed the PMI-ACP exam. An original training is the first training class you took following your original purchase or original retraining purchase. Please plan your free re-sitting in advance and don't leave it to the last minute.

       d. Always have your materials in front of you during the training session so you can learn and concentrate better on your training.

       e. You are required to finish your original training before requesting to re-sit the training.

       f. Re-sitting is through 100% Live Online learning. Note: You may not be able to re-sit a class if you are taking the last class for the PMI-ACP. However, all trainees can call, email or text us regarding questions that they might have. It may also be challenging to find a suitable training period around times that the Exam is changing. We rarely offer weekend classes for PMI-ACP training as they are not popular.

3. Guaranteed-to-Run training at the time of purchase. Any class will go forward even if only one person has purchased the training

4. SmartPath LLC’s continued, dedicated coaching & support for your success is our Mission. We will:

       a. Review your resume for qualification before paying for training if you request it

       b. Go over your Application in class and explain how to do it on the second day. If you are pre-approved you won’t need this part

       c. Review the Application so you can submit it on the last day of training

5. There are no fees for rescheduling your training; however, you are required to complete your original training within six months or by the last class for the current exam.

6. When there is a new exam you will require retraining and your re-sitting opportunities will have expired. You will also need new materials.

Other Policies: click here

*SmartPath LLC is required to charge tax when applicable for VA, MD, DC, TX and WA States.
**Classes go forward when someone purchases them, even if there’s only one person in the class

It is our Mission to help you succeed.

PMI-ACP Training 100% Live Online. See Federal Government Pricing and options. We will also quote organizations for onsite training in DC, WA or MI.
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