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PMP® Certification 4 or 5 day - Prior Class Guarantees*

The following incentives were offered at the cusp of the New Exam changing on Jan 11 - 2015. Make sure you take your exam within your exam approval period which is 12 months after your last initial PMI® exam approval.

Attention - An additional cushion guarantee*: For all New September, October and November 2015 trainees : You have time to take the PMP Exam three times if you need to do that. Of course, the vast majority of you will pass the first time and do it quickly. If, however, you started your training during Sept to Nov 2015, and you have taken the exam twice and still need to take the New Exam on January 12, 2016 or afterwards, we will replace your materials for free and provide you free 15 days online quiz practice for the V5.2 exam. Please provide your exam results after your exam/s as required above. 97% to 98% of you are expected to pass the first time.

Extended Pass Guarantee* for the first 2 training options in December 2015 for Bellevue WA and the first December training for Washington DC: Bellevue WA dates are: Dec 3 to 6 and Dec 7 to 10 and Washington DC dates are: Dec 5,6,11,12 - you will receive an extended pass guarantee requirement from 30 days to 40 days as the first available time you can take the PMP exam is Jan 12 - 2016. Take your class, and after your PMP Exam application is approved, pay for it immediately so you can schedule your exam in time.

Extended Pass Guarantee* for Dec 3 to 6 and Dec 7 to 10 trainees - providing you a 40 day subscription for exam quiz practice (instead of a 30 day subscription) as the first available time you can take the PMP exam is Jan 12 - 2016.

SmartPath LLC's USA PMP® Certification Training with Exam Prep for 4 or 5 day training, includes Weekend training - also 4 days - These guarantees are for trainees whose first day of training began between the dates of July 2013 through July 6, 2014.

Four Guarantees

1. Guarantee You Can Resit - Free: You Can Resit portion of a class or all of the class for up to six months from the initial day of training, based upon available seating. A request to resit places you on the "waiting list." You will be notified by at least the day before class whether you have made this list or not. You may also have the opportunity to resit via Live Instructor Video Conference. We have participant categories and listening categories. Most trainees will make the participant categories. There are no more than 13 participants in each class including onsite and online (includes new trainees and resitting trainees.) There are no restrictions on the number of listening participants. Trainees can send Nereda Haque, PMP their questions and the instructor will answer them after each break. Resitting is usually available both onsite for any class that has gone forward and via Live Video Training because of how many training classes we conduct. We prefer smaller classes for easier learning. There is no "number of times" limit placed on your request to resit certain days or classes; however, when you request to resit the class you will be required to have PMP® Exam approval or show proof that you have submitted your application. Most people who place a request, prefer to re-sit specific areas.* This is okay, but you will be required to resit from the beginning of a class day or evening and you can leave the class at any time after that. For onsite training, you will need to arrive before class begins, especially on weekends, as the Instructor cannot leave the classroom to let you in. If you fail to give notice that you cannot attend the re-sitting opportunity you requested, you may not receive further re-sitting opportunities. Also, please do not wait until the last minute to place your request, otherwise you may be disappointed. All resitting requests need to be by email and sent to Nereda Haque, PMP. See "send email" at the top of SmartPath LLC's website or send to neredahaque@smartpathllc.com

Resitting (Onsite or Online) Please note that based upon seat availability re-attending a Class is possible. (See above requirements.) Please bring all of your class materials with you. Requests for new materials will incur a charge of $99.00** for all materials or $55** for just the pmWorkbook or $45** for the Workflows. You should be prepared to pay tax on your materials. We cannot loan you new materials as they get damaged. All new materials should be requested 3-5 business days in advance of your class or earlier if we are mailing your materials. Expedited materials will cost an additional $44 in postage. We don't charge handling when we send out your materials. We use Flat rate postage boxes to mail your materials which usually arrive within 2 to 4 days depending on where you live and costs about $12.35. Everyone will be charged $12.65 for postage and $44 for expediting in order to keep things simple via the Post Office. We do not do weekend deliveries unless Post Office delivers on weekends in your area. Should the PMBOK® Guide change as it often does and you did not take or pass the current Exam as yet and you did not take the Exam you studied for; then you will need new materials and you will incur a change of $99 plus tax plus postage if you don't pick up the materials at one of our centers.** If the Exam has changed you will not be permitted in class without purchasing the new materials - either via Live Video Conference using your computer or at a SmartPath LLC training center. We do not provide missing pages of anything, neither do we give you extra pages that may have added examples. We often update our training throughout the year as industry or things change so you have the most current materials or we may add more examples. If you don't take your Exam in a timely manner, you may want to repurchase your materials. Do people pass with older materials - yes, all of the time. Please do not lose your materials, then ask for free new materials. You can prevent further expense by taking your Exam in a timely manner. You may also choose to re-sit a class based upon seat availability through Instructor Led, 100% Live Video Conference (LVC) when available. If you do not live near Washington, DC or Bellevue, WA, then this method of resitting will be best for you. You can pick-up your new materials to avoid postage if you live close to one of our two training centers.** If you are re-sitting via LVC or you are onsite you may take camera shots of the new slides and / or screen shots and print them out for your personal use only.

2. Guaranteed-to-Run (GTR) Training For All New Trainees. Classes are Guaranteed-to-run at the time of purchase. You don't need to risk scheduling changes due to cancellation once you have purchased your training. Many companies take your registration and cancel your class just days before your training begins. You may have purchased airfares and hotel. This can be very inconvenient. Therefore all of our local training (Bellevue, WA and Washington, DC) offer guaranteed-to-run training at the time of purchase, and all Live Video Conference Training via your computer are guaranteed-to-run.

3. Guarantee you can reschedule your initial training without incurring further costs for the following circumstances: This guarantee is primarily to help you with work constraints or circumstances beyond your control before your class begins. After your class begins you are expected to finish the training unless there is an unforeseen personal emergency. If you have a personal emergency while training, you may reschedule your initial training one time within your six months training limit. If your needs are beyond this, contact us and we will consider your circumstances to accommodate your needs. Of course, you can reschedule and re-sit a class after your initial training is completed. This guarantee does not apply to organizational training offsite.

4. Guarantee - Class Flexibility: If for some reason all of the dates listed in our classes are not good for you, you can choose a flexible schedule. Class flexibility is offered for the 4 day classes only as we have more of them. Please choose 2 first days and two last days from two separate classes. This allows you to split your class. Email us and let us know what 4 days currently showing are better for you.

If for some reason you have taken some of the training and did not complete it, and the materials have changed by the time you re-sit in class and you want a replacement there will be a charge to replace the materials. Otherwise, you are welcome to take notes. You are still required to finish your initial training within six months from the initial class you scheduled or initial class you attended whichever is latest. There are no refunds once you have commenced training. We do not sell fractions of classes. Again you can finish your training within 6 months from the date of your first day in class. This paragraph may not apply to organizational training offsite.

Our Mission Is For You To Be Successful: We don't run into town and forget about you. SmartPath LLC has training centers in both Washington, DC and Bellevue, WA and we also provide an "add-on" Video Conference Training (using your computer) option to some of these onsite classes. It is our mission to help you succeed by providing you PMP Exam-focused training materials, coaching and mentoring by answering your questions through emails, along with a PMP Exam Review (assessment of your knowledge) so you know what areas you need to focus on before you take the Exam. We also prepare those of you who are taking the Exam the next day.

Please note: You will receive everything you need from us in order to pass the PMI PMP Exam, (even if you are sitting in this class to take the CAPM Exam.) If there is something you do not understand in the class, we encourage you to speak up and ask questions as this is the time for you and others in the class to learn. There are no wrong questions just so long as it’s related to the project management subject. You will receive all the tools you need to pass the exam. Our training schedules consist of 4 days, 5 days and sometimes 10 evenings. This includes having your questions answered.

What if you fail the Exam? If you fail to pass the first time or more, SmartPath LLC will work with you for up to 6 months following the first day of the initial training period. It is expected that you will take the Exam within 1 day to 6 weeks of the initial training. We will strategize "what happened" with you, help you shore up areas that are weaker, and you can also re-do the PMP certification course if you live in the USA or are able to dial into our training via your computer, for free if you did not pass the PMI Exam. In this case you will be guaranteed a seat. This offer does not cover any request for new learning materials. If you want new materials because of any changes, you will need to purchase them. See details above. You may also be able to re-sit the class via Instructor led 100% Live Video Conference. Plan your Exam so you have training time still available should you need to re-train. Otherwise, it is recommended that you re-read the materials and redo all of the provided and recommended exercises at least 3 to 6 times as well as understanding why you got the Exam Practice questions wrong. You may need to relearn the formulas and Workflow #12.

What if you are among the handful of people who failed the PMP Exam 3 times? This is usually due to lack of OTTIs practice and understanding, and/or lack of understanding of Scope, Time, Quality & Risk, and/or you have difficulty analyzing or you over analyze. If you failed 3 times the PMI organization will not allow you to sit the Exam for another 12 months. You will need to purchase the new materials, and we will give you the opportunity to re-sit the class for free up to two more times provided you take advantage of this offer within 14 months of your last Exam failure. We will need proof that you failed three times in order to take us up on this offer. Why are we doing this? We want to reward your efforts. In the meantime we recommend that you practice what you have learned on the job so you are more familiar with the processes. If you don’t have a job, practice mapping your outputs to where they become inputs to other processes and think about why you need them. Also learn your tools & techniques.

What if you did not take the Exam within 6 months and you want to continue training? You may pay 65% of the current price for the PMP Certification training, and your six months starts over from the next initial first day of training. You will also receive new training materials. You may call Nereda at 360-584-8614 and pay by debit or credit card over the phone. You may also purchase at this link: http://www.smartpathllc.com/pmretrain.html . There is no S & H or added taxes as you are purchasing the training again and materials are part of the training costs. This incentive is not available after twelve months from your initial first day of training. After twelve months you will pay the going rate for the PMP Certification training.

What is the passing rate? SmartPath LLC has a great track record with most of its trainees passing the PMI® exam in each class the first time, almost 100% of the time. Our Instruction is 100% Instructor led training.

* Resitting is available when someone has purchased the class. At SmartPath LLC in our local centers, if the class is purchased by someone, the class goes forward, therefore our training is Guaranteed to-Run. We do everything possible to place you in the class again. Please make sure you show proof that you have submitted your experience or you have Exam approval.

** States Taxes, where applicable will be added to the purchase price. Shipping & Handling of up to $25 will be added where applicable. *** Refinements to the Guarantees can be added from time to time and these refinements will govern.

It is our Mission to help you succeed.

PMP Bellevue or PMP in Washington DC or PMP Live

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