For SmartPath LLC's PMP® Trainees Only - Up to 90-day Subscription Quiz Practice - PMP Online Quiz Practice

For SmartPath LLC's PMP® Trainees Only - Up to 90-day Subscription Quiz Practice - PMP Online Quiz Practice

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For SmartPath LLC PMP(R) Trainees Only - Up to 90-days for Resubscription, or extension to your Quiz Practice.

The current PMP exam ends on 12-31-2020. The new PMP Exam starts on 1-2-2020.

How the SmartPath LLC quizzes work: You will be able to see the question, the four answer options, as well as the best answer and explanation as you work through each quiz, and you will be able to review that quiz again, or retake the quiz more than once, again provided you still have an active subscription. If you retake the quiz, it will override the last quiz you did. If you took your first PMP exam within 30 days of your first exam, and/or before you took your second exam, you may be asked to provide proof that you did all quiz practice if you are seeking a third exam payment, so please submit all quizzes after you have done them and keep them online. See our activity compliance for a guaranteed third exam payment.

There are currently over 2,000 practice questions with answers, most containing reasoning. Only very simple input or output questions may not have reasoning. If you trained prior to the Version 6 Exam, please order the new materials as well so you can participate in the interactive learning. There is an online quiz subscription learning package that comes with the materials if you prefer it. Scroll down on the PMP(R) Retraining loyalty options. SmartPath LLC is aware of psychometric testing and how to prepare trainees to pick the best answers. Most trainees will use any device to use these quizzes.

This quiz is licensed for the use of one person only and is not for commercial use but to prepare you for the PMP Certification exam only. Purchase your quiz and write in the comments box that is in the menu, when you would like it to start. Your quiz will be set up no earlier than within 24 hours of purchase. All quiz practice is aligned to the PMP exam outline. You may extend your practice or re-subscribe to it again at this same URL. Your 90 days of quiz subscription practice starts when it is set up, not when you log in. It runs for 90 days from the time you receive the quiz. You will know once the quiz practice is set up as you will receive the activated links. This e-learning is not recommended if you have not taken a PMP Certification Prep class.
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