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PMP Resitting Opportunities for the Current Exam

1. Video Conference Resitting Schedules for the Current PMP Exam: ET and PT here represent classes hosted in Michigan (ET) or Bellevue WA (PT)

Resitting opportunities are all four-day schedules but you can pick the first two and or last two days to get weekends for the first two classes below: Let me know what suits you: a. Dec 16 to 19 in Pacific Time. (Weekend days are 16,17 PT and they are the first two days of a 4 day schedule);
b. Also Dec 7 to 10 ET will be available if someone purchases the class, (9,10 are days 3 and 4 of the 4 day schedule). If you have any holiday time these classes are going to happen: 3. Nov 27 to 30 ET and 4. Dec 26 to 29 PT. ET or PT means that the classes are hosted in Eastern or Pacific Time. Training starts at 8 AM and runs to 6:15 PM in ET or PT. Weekend days in ET start at 8:15 AM and run to 6:30 PM. 5. Jan 6,7,13,14 – ET

3. Resitting Onsite in Washington DC: There are no resitting opportunities available onsite at this time.

4. Resitting Onsite in Troy, MI or Bellevue WA: You will be informed on the last day by 5 PM or before if availability is obvious if you prefer an onsite seat.

How to schedule any of these opportunities:
a. Email neredahaque@smartpathllc.com b. Include the dates you wish to resit c.