PMP® Certification Roadmap - How You Learn at SmartPath LLC

PMP® Certification<span style="color:darkblue"> Roadmap - How You Learn at SmartPath LLC </span>
PMP® Certification Training - 4 days, 35 hours and all of the prep you need in order to pass. Updated 3/26/18

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Without revealing all of our proven methods to our competitors who constantly read our website, here's what and how you will learn.

1. Prep Exercises: Begin your PMP prep by completing all exercises in pmWorkbook Exercises book. These exercises will enhance your retention of what you learned in class. You should not spend more than 2 days, or 8 to 10 hours on the exercises. If you are under a time crunch, immediately look at the exercise solutions, and depending on time, fill in the blank exercise slides and or pages.

2. Concepts: Know all 58 processes (includes role-dependent processes) and understand why a process is done. You must know all the tools & techniques that you can use to perform any of the 58 processes. You must understand the plans and documents needed for a process and what plans documents are updated as a results.

3. Connections: You must know the outputs of a process and where they become input(s) to other processes and why. Also, you must know the sequential flow of all processes and what can go wrong in any process, and what changes you might expect, and how to handle them.

4. PM Roles: You must be able to associate your role as a PM with the processes.

5. Context: You must be able to identify keywords in a given fuzzy and or situational question, and identify the reasoning, then select a best answer, not a right answer.

6. Five business days before the exam, perform a quick review of the final checklist, Workflows 11 & 13, and Quizzes H & I.

7. Pass the PMP Certification Exam.

Use Online Quizzes along with pmWorkbook & its Exercise Solutions in the companion book, for INTERACTIVE Learning. This interactive learning will enhance your memory "RETENTION" and recognition skills, and prepare you to handle the psycho exam.