SmartPath LLC Loyalty for More Training or Retraining Programs

<span style="color:red">SmartPath LLC Loyalty </span>for More Training or  Retraining Programs
SmartPath LLC Loyalty - updated 4-29-18

Our NEW class loyalty programs range from $99 off for the second live instructor training to 10% off for the third instructor training to hundreds of dollars off for retraining opportunities. However, if the second class is a 2 Day Prep class or a special retraining class, then a loyalty discount does not apply.

How Loyalty works: Loyalty discounts applies to the trainee who is doing their original training onsite at one of SmartPath LLC's locations or were taught by SmartPath LLC at an organization where they were an employee. An organization doesn't earn loyalty, but the trainee does. The trainee does not earn a loyalty discount when they attend a special training by SmartPath LLC onsite at their location or for their organization that is different from the loyalty programs described here.

Loyalty applies to a trainee's, first, second or more certification classes that provide full PDU hours; that is, classes which provide full hours for exam approval that you can use for your application at the end of training. Do IT Again (DIA) training or other retraining programs are highly discounted so additional loyalty does not apply.

Example: (a) If an organization sends 4 people to class and one trainee has taken one of our certification or qualified classes before, then SmartPath LLC will subtract the applicable amount off the purchase before processing, or if PayPal is used for purchase, refund the coupon amount because PayPal fully processes the order at the time it is placed.

(b) How to get a qualified class loyalty, even though loyalty doesn't apply. Example: If a trainee took their first class at SmartPath LLC, then a second class at an organizational training by SmartPath LLC at another location. Then, if this trainee takes another qualified SmartPath LLC class, this trainee qualifies for the 10% loyalty level or loyalty retraining offers, whichever applies.

We have several types of loyalty:

(a) Discount coupon off a new certification class for the 2nd class (Except 2-day or shorter Prep Classes): This loyalty is for the same trainee who comes back for more training from SmartPath LLC for instructor-led certification training. If an organization purchases your training, the loyalty still applies. If you have taken previous classes with SmartPath LLC, please email for a loyalty coupon before you take your next class.

(b) Do It Again Loyalty Programs - For the Exact same Training: These programs are only offered for PMI® Certifications. They are not for PDUs. They are live instructor led training opportunities online and or onsite depending on the offer you choose, and they are drastically reduced as the loyalty discount has already been applied and there's a purchase option in the menu. If you have any questions, please email us:

Examples of what you can and cannot do:

(1) If you took a PMP class in the past from SmartPath LLC, you cannot purchase a do-it-again program for the PMI-PBA class because you have never taken it that class before. You must purchase the new training; however, you will receive a coupon for $99 off your second class if you ask for it, and we will email you a coupon for classes that are 21 PDU hours or more.
(2) If you did not take any of SmartPath LLC's training previously, then you don't qualify for any loyalty programs yet.
(3) One exception: If you took a CAPM training in the past with SmartPath LLC, and now you want to take the PMP exam training, then you can choose any of the "retraining" programs offered to the PMP trainee, as this is a related training. However, if your took your PMP training with another company, the loyalty program would not apply.

(c) Our Online Quiz Subscription are for SmartPath LLC trainees relevant to the appropriate class training that they took with us. For additional quiz practice time. People who do not take our 2.5 to 5 day certification training in a specific course are not entitled to purchase our quiz practice. And we are not authorized to sell them to non-SmartPath LLC trainees as it would require paying additional Intellectual Property fees, which we have not applied for.

About Loyalty for an additional cerification class
(1) Save $99: Applies if you've taken a prior certification class such as PMP, PMI-ACP, or PMI-PBA, PgMP, Six Sigma Yellow Belt, Six Sigma Greenbelt or EDMP Certifications.

2. About Retraining Programs:

(a) What about Business Process Analysis Training (BPA) , which has been replaced by PMI-PBA Certification? This class has been replaced by PMI-PBA so yes, you can take the do-it-again class of PMI-PBA if you did PMI-PBA or BPA. PMI-PBA do it again.

Example of how it works: "Do It Again Training" or "Retraining" programs: Since the discount has already been applied, we don't give out a coupon. Note: "Do it Again" programs are available for doing the same training again, not for doing a new training.

3. Loyalty at 10% level : From the 3rd certification class going forward, you will receive 10% off all future instructor led training classes whether they are certification classes or PDU classes or whatever is offered.

(a) PMP Do It Again Program, Select a Day, and Budget Retraining
(b) PMI-PBA Do it Again Program
(c) PMI-ACP Do It Again Program
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