SmartPath LLC Loyalty for More New Training, or Retraining Discounted Training

SmartPath LLC Loyalty for More New Training, or  Retraining Discounted Training
Explanation of our Loyalty programs for the same Training that was taken previously from SmartPath LLC or New Training for SmartPath LLC's Trainees. These options are all Live Online using your computer.

Loyalty discounts have two parts:
(1) Purchasing new certification training - you need to ask us for a coupon which you can use at the time of purchase. It is $99 off for the second class, and 10% off for the third class, and all future classes that are instructor-led training. See our website for our certification selections.
(2) Purchasing the same type of certification class again : The Do It Again (DIA) training, or the other retraining options are already discounted so all you need to do is select them. For Example if you took a 4-day PMP Boot Camp Training with us for PMP Certification with Exam Prep, and you want to purchase that training again. You can do so at a large discount. No coupon is needed. However, if you took a PMP class, and now you want to do an Agile certification training, then you would buy the Agile class at the regular price, less your coupon. Because you are not retraining with us for Agile. You are doing it with us for the first time. We offer retraining and or DIA for the PMP certification because some people get caught in unpredicted life events, and they missed the exam that they studied for because it changed or it has been a while since since training and their free re-sitting has expired.

Loyalty prices may change when there is an exam change.

Let us know which training you wish to purchase, and when you wish to purchase, and we will turn the purchase button on for you if it has been turned off. Some have been turned off because some people don't quite understand how the program work. We are happy to assist.

Since you don't need a coupon for Retraining for the same certification type class, choose your class from here, Do it Again Loyalty (DIA) for Former or Current SmartPath LLC Trainees Who Still Need to take the Exam: (these classes are already discounted so no further discount is applied) - these prices are changed from time to time:
(a) For SmartPath LLC's Former PMP Certification Trainees : PMP Do It Again, Virtual retraining
(b) For SmartPath LLC's Former PMI-PBA Certification Trainees: PMI-PBA Do it Again Program
(c) For SmartPath LLC's Former PMI-ACP Certification Trainees: PMI-ACP Do It Again Program
(d) For SmartPath LLC's Former CAPM Certification Trainees: CAPM Do It Again Training is for CAPMs who need to take the exam every 5 years to maintain their credential.
(e) For SmartPath LLC's Former CAPM trainees who want to take the PMP Exam next time, then they will quality to take the PMP training Do It Again Program Only for their retraining upgrade.
(f) We also have retraining for Federal Government Do It Again PgMP Certification with an Exam, since we have had a request coming from this source. It is on hold right now, because all the other Federal Government applicants have already passed the PgMP exam.