PMP(R) Training Materials & Tools

PMP(R) Training Materials & Tools
SmartPath LLC's materials and tools are developed in house. Please see our descriptions below. You can click on the picture and see the picture of class materials and workflows.

SmartPath LLC's PMP® Certification with Exam Prep, Materials include Prep Exercises and a 30-Day Online Quiz Practice Subscription that starts on the 3rd day of training, providing Simulated and Interactive Quiz Practice. These materials and tools are part of the PMP Certification Training. Below, please see the descriptions for PMP V6 exam training. Online quiz practice, prep exercises and workflows are your learning tools, all of which increase project management visibility.

(1) The V6 PMP Exam is available starting 3/26/18 and following. The pmWorkbook Edition for the V6 Exam is V6.

(2) About Materials & Tools for V6 PMP Exam Training:

About V6 Exam materials and tools: SmartPath LLC's Materials & Tools include pmWorkbook, pmWorkbook Exercises' book, and 8 double-sided full color workflows, printed on heavy double-side paper showing 16 pictorial illustrations. The 16th Workflow pictures the Operations and Project Environments.

The 30-day Online Quiz Subscription for our 4 or day PMP Certification class with Exam Prep Training: Trainees who follow our directions will finish all practice quizzes within 15 to 20 days of class. We find that even most people with lots of gaps, who are dedicated to learn, can accomplish the practice within a 20 to 30-day time period. Others may finish within 10 to 15 days. Some make take 6 to 8 weeks. We recognize that some people need more time to learn.

Click on the picture to the left to enlarge it if you need to. The picture details our materials & tools.

(1) Hard copies of all SmartPath LLC’s famous materials are listed below. Additional descriptions or changes for V6 are all in purple.

  A. pmWorkbook™: SmartPath LLC's PMP Certification with Exam Prep book, contains:
     a. Complete instructions of what you need to do in order to pass the PMP Exam.
     b. Complete workbook slides that cover all of the concepts, OTTIs (Outputs, Tools & Techniques and Inputs) + Roles, Operations Environment, Project Environment, General Project Information and other V6 areas.
     c. Sequential flow of processes. After covering relevant information, our pmWorkbook follows a start to finish presentation of project management starting with the first process.
     d. How to Study for the PMP Exam
     e. How to Answer Situational Questions & those questions based on "What Went Wrong" within the Processes
     f. A Checklist of what you must know in order to pass
     g. Synonyms for the EVM questions as most of the formulas’ names will not be given to you in the Exam. You will need to decide what formula you should use from the question. You will also learn how to interpret EVM data in graphical format.
     h. The formulas are in the appropriate knowledge areas and are also listed in total on one page in the Appendix.
     i. Table of Contents, Definitions, Index, Appendices
     j. pmWorkbook also covers information required for the PMP Exam, such as general project management information, project lifecycles, operations and project management environment, such as leadership, influences, organization factors, types of organizations, followed by the processes in sequential order along with the associated knowledge and skills, along with crosscutting knowledge and skills that are across all domains. There is considerable emphasis on benefits & knowledge management, strategic alignment, operations, portfolio, program and project management comparisons, adaptive life cycle versus predictive/waterfall, agile projects, hybrid agile, leadership, etc.
     k. Review slides: The last day is a "backward pass" review day, integrating all of the knowledge, and the review starts from the last process going back to the first process so trainees understand why one must start before the the next starts, and what can go wrong if a particular process was not done first, for example.

  B. pmWorkbook™ Exercises: These exercises require cognitive thinking, reasoning and logic, and they are interactive. Trainees use all materials to find their solutions. Solutions are also provided.
     a. There are 205 questions in pmWorkbook Exercises in our materials. All of these questions are also part of over 2,100 in our Online PMP Quiz Practice Subscription. Analytical reasoning accompanies all questions, along with keyword/s identification where appropriate. V6 will have additional questions to cover the new information
     b. For V6 pmWorkbook, Processes 1 to 58 (Exercise 1) are association drills for the 49 processes plus 9 role dependent process.
     c. Exercise 2 - Description to follow
     d. Exercise 3 - description to follow

  C. pmWorkflow™ Package: pmWorkflow™ Package: This package consists of eight pages, printed on both sides, that detail 16 project management areas. These Workflows provide Project management visibility by Knowledge Area (KA), PM Roles, Process Sequences, Process Groups, OTTIs (ITTOs), and Operations & Project Environment. A brief description:
     a. Workflows 1 to 10: show the KA process, all inputs and outputs; and they also show associated roles, and tools and technique in their own swim lanes.
     b. Workflows 1 to 10 provide connection visibility so trainees can see the process outputs and where the outputs also input other processes.
     c. Workflow 1 to 10: Formulas for Business Case, EVM, Pert, etc., are also shown on the appropriate workflows in the swimlane for tools & techniques.
     d. Workflow 11 depicts the roles and responsibilities of the PM associated to the process and / or process groups.
     e. Workflow 12 is the Process Group Workflow, and it depicts all 5 Process Groups, depicting the Knowledge areas and the processes within them as well as the 9 role dependent processes above the Process Groups heading as they don't belong to any KA in the process groups.
     f. Workflow 13 depicts the sequences for all processes.
     g. Workflows 14,15, the OTTIs (ITTOs) Matrix, has all the OTTIs details. Information on these workflows provides great resource and learning material for some of the exercise areas in pmWorkbook Exercises, along with instant visibility of all Inputs, Outputs, Tools & Techniques, and process dependencies, process groups, knowledge areas, and sequences. Information is color-coded so trainees can find what they’re looking for quickly.
     h. Workflow 16 depicts the Operations and Project Environment
     i. Color-Coded Imagery: Workflows 11 to 15 are all color coded by process groups.

(2) Other: Learning Tool - PMP Online Quiz Practice Subscription: This Subscription is free for up to 30 days, starting on the 3rd day of class. This Subscription provides trainees online access to over 2100 questions using a laptop, computer or smartphone. These online questions are not meant to test trainees but to improve their learning and understanding, and increase their cognitive thinking, reasoning, and logical abilities. The scores they obtain can help them assess and measure their progress. Quizzes K and L are both 200 exams that contain 200 questions that are timed so trainees can measure how quickly they can answer them and their degree of accuracy. If trainees have a heavy work load they can easily practice 69 questions per day so that they finish within 30 days. However, the timed exams need to be finished in one sitting. Many of our trainees will do them within 10 to 15 days, taking advantage of their available time over weekends.

The purpose of the Online quiz practice is to provide both interactive and simulated exam learning using many different kinds of formats and situations. Simulated practice increases the trainees’ speed as they push themselves to use cognitive thinking, reasoning and logic. These question formats include "What went wrong?" and "What will you do next?" and "What will you tell the stakeholder?" and concept questions, extra math exercises, tool and technique focused questions, questions in all knowledge areas, connectivity, etc. There are also fuzzy questions. These category questions provide a start to finish view, wrapping the concept and context together to make sure the trainee can apply what they have learned.

While the Quiz practice provides a 30-day subscription starting on the third day of class, those who need to, may purchase extensions to their current training or resubscribe again later on. Prices: 15, 30, or 60 days for $39, $6 or $99 respectively. The quiz practice during this time is on demand and is unlimited. If trainees achieve their PMP Certification during, this time their practice will be inactivated. Why? This allows more people to use the practice service and keeps the cost of our training reasonable. The Subscription is licensed to one person.

Third Exam Pass Guarantee: See our pass guarantee that provides provision for a third exam based on 4 compliance activities.

Consider SmartPath LLC's training an opportunity to go from average or great, to exceptional.

You'll be so glad you took SmartPath LLC's training - 100% Personally Led by your Instructor.

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