Since 2007 SmartPath LLC has been proud to deliver world class project management consulting and training, program management certification, business analysis and agile project management certifications and related training. Our training provides knowledge, skills and tools that not only aid in passing the exam, but they are essential to driving project or program outcomes too.

We continue to offer onsite in-person trainings for organizations. We offer 100% Live Online Training for individuals and organizations due to a huge shift to 100% Live Online Training, the convenience it offers, improved technologies. The instructor for your training is always and industry expert. We provide the same high standard of customer support that our trainees have come tto love.

New technologies such as the Surface Studio 2 have made it easier for the trainee to see and hear clearly all training actions happening in the classroom. Trainees do not see other trainees as many want their privacy. Training is available for DC, WA or MI locations.

These classes are our main focus:
1. PMP Certification Exam Prep
2. PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)(R) Exam Prep
3. Program Management Professional(PgMP)(R) Certification Exam Prep
4. CAPM Certification Exam Prep
5. PMI Professional in Business Analysis (PMI-PBA)(R)
6. PMI Scheduling Professional (PMI-SP)® Certification Prep

We also offer other training too. Strategic alignment of projects to organizational goals and objectives in order to achieve business value is the focus of all project management and related training, such as the PMP training, as well as Agile certifications, and the PMI-PBA plays a separate role in mature organizations but often performed by a Project Manager in less mature organizations. Related training for leadership, strategic planning, Six Sigma, skills and tools and more are available to fit your organization's needs.

SmartPath LLC is a PMI Global Registered Education Provider* (R.E.P.) # 3441.

Other Training: Now Big Data BI (Business Intelligence) for Business Users (Non IT) is the new paradigm that organizations are embracing, seeking to expand their products, services or information that they offer, as they seek to understand both their competition and customers. This class teaches efficiency in Power BI. Consultants with IT / Developer backgrounds have found skills enhancement through this training, that also provides how it can be used for decision-making.

See the home page for our links to all training.

Consulting for Short-Term : About SmartPath LLC Consulting services for project management, agile projects, process improvement, business analysis (including enterprise analysis and process improvement), and BI projects. Also skills assessments.

We can also train, mentor and coach your resources for specific projects.

Our Vision:

At SmartPath LLC, we believe that every organization can make their business path smarter by adopting best industry practices, tools and techniques and continuous training. Project Management is the best vehicle for change management in today’s dynamic business world. We provide "employer ready" skills training in project management - traditional or agile, business analysis for requirements management, business processes, and IT Systems, that enable organizations to make their business path smarter. You can provide your own employees specific "project ready" customized training using our specialized services.

The two members of SmartPath LLC have over 50 years combined experience in the field. And our on-call consultants add to these many years of experience.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Nereda Haque, PMP

360-584-8614 Toll Free: 1-855-SMART50 - (1-855-762-7850 - 48 US States Only)

Our contact information

Nereda Haque is the best person to contact for further information for both short term SME assistance or training questions. Phone for Nereda Haque, PMP: 360-584-8614 (Direct) Phone for Mo Haque, MSEE, MSEE, PMP: 425-233-5510 (Mo)

Please do not call Mo Haque to register for class. You may contact him concerning IT or Business Process Projects through email if you wish, but please copy Nereda Haque: to your email as he may not see your email. Mo is generally more reachable by appointment. Mo Haque, MSEE, MSEE. PMP as he is seldom available upon demand.

SmartPath LLC for phone or texts: 360-584-8614

FAX: 1-888-391-2148 SmartPath LLC (do not leave messages on this number as they are not picked up)

Cage Code: 5AQK6

Please call Nereda Haque, PMP for all information on training or email her.

Group Training Locations for Onsite Training in WA, DC or MI:

(1) Training can still be held at this address: Bellevue, WA: 2018 156th Ave NE, Bellevue, WA 98007 or another facility, TBA.

(2) Training can still be held at this address with enough notice or on weekends: Washington, DC: 1101 Connecticut Ave NW, Suite 410, Washington, DC 20036 (Shared Conference Room). The Red Metro is close by, Blue, Orange and Silver Metros are 2 very short blocks away. The building is over the CVS store on the corner of L and Connecticut, NW.

(3) Troy, MI: Conference Rooms or Hotels: Depends on the size of your training. Proprietary School Business Address: 100 W Big Beaver Rd, Suite 200, Troy, MI 48084. Training for up to 14 people can be held here for at the Courtyard in Troy, MI 48083.

Preferred Mailing address:
207 Hickory Dr
Troy, MI 48083


Policies for Ordering, Cancelling Orders, Classes or Quizzes & Shipping Information:

If you just ordered an online class, and materials come with the class, they will be mailed out using U.S.P.S. If you are ordering materials separately from class, you need you be in our training program or you need to be a past SmartPath LLC trainee, updating your materials. Materials come with the class and we offer purchase to current or former trainees only in keeping with our PMI Registered Education Provider agreements, for materials replacement or updates only. Most orders will go out within 3 business days or less. To order quiz practice: Order the night before in order to start the next day or order earlier and provide us a start date. Please pay attention to "For SmartPath LLC trainees" only purchases. These are loyalty programs for our current or former class trainees only.

Refund, Returns and Cancellation Policies for Products, Training registration and software returns:

1. Product purchases such as materials replacements: We offer 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back, within 30 days of purchase, except shipping and handling fees. Please get a return authorization number before returning any products. If you cancel an order after it has been shipped, return policies are the same as 100% money back satisfaction guarantee policies, less shipping and handling.

2. Software: No refunds on software except manufacture defects or if the shipping is lost. We currently don't ship or sell any software at this time, and never have.

3. Online Quiz Practice Subscriptions: These subscriptions have a start date and end date for the amount of time you purchased. We handle these subscriptions manually, so we can be sensitive to the exam needs of the trainees. Because our trainees have exams and cannot always get an exact date, we provide a few days of leniency to avoid practice cut-off for an exam if it becomes necessary. Otherwise, if you need more time than that, purchase an extension to your subscription before it runs out or simply re-subscribe when you are ready. Extensions and subscriptions start at $39 for 15 days. You can use your quiz subscription for unlimited hours of practice during the subscription period. All of our classes with online quiz practice have 30 days of free online practice with a specific start date.

All Training Registrations for Onsite or 100% Live Online Training: If you cancel your Training Class or any class 3 days in advance of the first day of training, you will have back the amount you paid for training less $100 service fee or you can reschedule another class at another time at no loss to you. If you cancel within less than 3 days notice, you will receive a refund minus $100 service fee or you can reschedule a class at no loss to you; except, if you cancel your class after 11 AM the day before your class begins, you will not receive a refund. However, you may still reschedule your training at no loss to you. If you miss any day/days of a class, you can make it up at another time without loss to you. Also, we do not refund or adjust the cost of the training you paid for if you do not complete your training. You have up to six months to complete your training from the time of your first class or the first class you registered for, should you require to reschedule.

100% Live Online Class Cancellations. Live Online cancellation involves Materials which are received ahead of class. If you cancel the training, you need to return the materials at your cost in good condition. Definition of good condition: If you have laminated or paper workflows, they should be unscratched, not creased, and clean and free of writing. Also, the class book or books must be unopened if they are shrunk wrapped in plastic, in order to provide them to another trainee, or an additional deduction of up to $75 in addition to the $100 for the class cancellation, will be made from class refund.

We cannot give your materials to another trainee if they have been damaged or show use in any way. If we send the materials out to you, you should know that you wish to take the training, and it's unlikely that you will need to cancel in order to avoid cost, or simply reschedule your training which you can do at no cost to you. We send out materials for 100% Live Online training only.

Special circumstances for some of the Project Management Institute's Certifications only - Resitting and How It Works for PMP, PMI-PBA and PMI-ACP Certifications only:

(1) The following does not apply to any other training. The following applies to these classes ONLY: PMP®, PMI-ACP, PMI-PBA, CAPM® Certification Training with Exam Preps: You may repeat your original project management certification training at no further cost to you - some or all of the classes for up to 6 months from the first day of your initial class based available, 100% Live Online classes that have "gone forward." "Gone forward" means that someone else has purchased the training, therefore making it possible for you to resit the training. We are sensitive to your learning needs. Retraining "Do It All Again Programs'" resitting options work the same way as resitting for new trainees loyalty programs. Other resitting for retraining for the PMP certification are based on your selection. The PMP budget choice does not offer resitting, neither does the $600 choice. All resitting, whatever its nature, is done online using your computer. There are no on-location resitting opportunities any more.

PMP Prep Packages may not offer free resitting.

(2) Procedure for resitting class: Just email us.

(3) CAPM trainees now take all of their training with the PMP Class and they use the PMP materials, so instructions for the PMP class applies to them also. We are revamping our CAPM Certification program so we can accept CAPM Trainees with less than 1500 hours of project management experience. Once this class is finished, CAPM trainees will no longer be able to participate with the PMP class.

(4) Note: Classes such as PMI-ACP and PMI-PBA are held less often and usually on weekdays, providing little or no weekend resitting opportunities. There are no free resitting opportunities for PgMP trainees as we work with them individually over a long period.

(5) Resitting is only available when classes are purchased by someone else: Once the class has been purchased, we can allow you to resit a class 100% Live Online using your computer. Training who resit may be asked to purchase new materials if they did not prepare for the same exam, for example. Resitting opportunities do not provide you new materials or a new quiz subscriptions. These items need to be purchased.

(6) Submitted Application: If you request to resit, you will also need to show that you have submitted your application to the Project Management Institute for exam approval. If your application is not finished or active, you may not be allowed to resit at that time.

(7) If you fail to give notice that you cannot attend prior to training, you may not receive further resitting opportunities.

(8) Materials: If the PMP class materials or other course materials have changed, you may request a complete set of materials and pay up to $129 plus tax, or the current listed price plus tax for your certification materials, (includes standard postage to the 48 US lower states - postage may be additional for Hawaii and Alaska, except for Anchorage) or you will continue to use the materials you have from your previous class and add your own notes. Do not ask for new materials. If the trainee makes a fuss in the classroom about not getting free new materials, the trainee loses all future resitting privileges for class disruption.

(9) If the PMP Exam has changed you will need to replace your materials in order to attend class at $129 plus tax or the current listed price plus tax for your certification materials. This price includes standard shipping or you can pick it up in the class room. Your success is our priority. However, after six months from the first day of training, if you still want to participate in training (and you have no bonus resitting periods), you may pay the loyalty price for the "do it again training" which will again give you up to six months of training from the first new initial day of training and new materials; unless you have one or two re-sits available to you as described on our guarantee page: Please see all guarantees including the pass guarantee for the third exam payment, for the PMP/CAPM exams

(10) PMI-ACP Certification: PMI-ACP Exam

(11) PMI-PBA Exam.

(12) Loyalty Do It Again Programs for PMP, PMI-ACP and PMI-PBA training. See the Do It Again classes in the main class menu for PMP, PMI-PBA and PMI-ACP certification training. PMI Exams: If you do all of the required mandatory activities as a full participant (pass guarantee compliant - See Pass Guarantee under more details for each of these trainings. At SmartPath LLC, you may resit up to two more times (if you earned compliance bonus resitting) after the first 6 months of training has expired, if you still need to take an exam. However, all PMI exams need to be finished within 12 months from the last day of the original training. After 6 months, from your last day of training with us, unless you took your first exam within 30 days and did not pass, you will need to pay the posted loyalty price for the retraining class if you wish to retake any more classes. If you fail the Exam 3 times you will need to wait a year before taking the PMI Exam again. The PMI organization only gives you 12 months to finish your exam. Sometimes they may give you an extension to the exam. This does not extend your bonus resitting at SmartPath LLC, and our third exam payment cutoff is 12 months. SmartPath LLC Pass third exam payment guarantees all require mandatory measurable performance on the part of the trainee and does not cover the first or 2nd Exam payments. (Note: Trainees who are provided training through government sponsored training may have their first exam included in their training if it was included – you will be told if it was included.)

Six Sigma Training: There is no pass guarantee for the CSSGB as it is an open book exam. There is no pass guarantee for CSSYB either. SSYB is also an open book exam. There are no resitting opportunities for any Six Sigma Training. Six Sigma Training is focused on helping you understand and practice for the exam. After class, all you need to do is to practice and prepare according to specific instructions that you will receive in the classroom.

If you have any questions, please send them to

For Michigan Trainees ONLY: At SmartPath LLC we want happy, satisfied trainees. Your success is our mission. If you have any complaints, please contact us so we can resolve any issues that you might have with SmartPath LLC. Contact: Nereda Haque, PMP at 360-584-8614 or

If you cannot resolve them, you may do the following:

If you have any concerns under the Proprietary School Act 148 of 1943, you may file a complaint

Your complaint must be in writing,4601,7-154-61343_35395_35396-139958--,00.html
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