35 Hours - Training Outline

35  Hours - <span style="color:green">Training Outline </span>
PMP® Certification Training with PMP Exam Prep for the V6 PMP exam starting 3/26/18 and following.

35 hours for PMP Exam Approval: A total of 35 hours including the Exam Review on Day 4. This PMP Exam Preparation for PMP Certification meets the PMI Organization's requirements for 35 hours of formal education and it provides the PMP Exam Prep you need to pass the Exam. Your options are 4 days of training during the week or weekends. SmartPath LLC's training is World Class project management certification training, preparing you to pass your exam and to improve your skills at work.

The materials & 6 months of free resitting are designed to fill in any gaps in one’s project management experience. So our training will meet the needs of a mixed audience. Those trainees with more gaps may need to take a few more weeks to prepare for the PMP Exam and/or take advantage of our free resitting. Free resitting time is calculated 6 months from the first day of class. Materials are provided as hard copies and they include pmWorkbook, pmWorkbook Exercises’ Book, and 8 Double-Sided 11” x 17” full color Workflow illustrations, providing 16 different project management views.

Online Practice Subscription Questions: Every trainee receives the free 30-Day Online Quiz Subscription with the original training, starting on the 3rd day of class. It is set up on the 3rd day of class in order to make sure you received it. Over 2,200 situational questions help you understand and apply your knowledge, and gain experiential insights. This practice is not about testing you, but about teaching you. Practice time is unlimited during this time period. The PMP exam is situational and psychometric in nature so practice is imperative. PMP Quiz Practice covers all areas of exam knowledge: Concepts, Connections, Context, Checklist, PM Roles, Leadership, Skills and other general project management information.

Training Alignment: It is Aligned to A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge®, (PMBOK® Guide), 6th Edition, the PMI PMP Exam outline, and industry best practices and covers all of the following:

Overview Outline of the PMP Training with Exam Prep

Live Instructor-Led Training: Our PMP Certification Training with Exam Prep classes are all Live Instructor led learning whether onsite or Live Online (Video Conference) over 4-days. We have two online sessions during the week, most months, as well as Live Instructor training onsite training in Washington, DC, Troy, Michigan, and Bellevue (Seattle) areas.

Class Details: We cover everything that a trainee needs to know to pass the PMP exam. This same information is what trainees need to know to improve their knowledge and skills in the workplace. The training includes all of the following and more (see below).

Class Format: General Project Management (See 1 below) followed by the sequence flow of the process, their associated roles, inputs, and outputs (includes appropriate plans and project documents need for each process, along with output updates, OPA / EEF updates) and tools and techniques.

How our PMP Certification with Exam Prep, V6 Training Flows: We use illustrations, Workflows and Live Questions throughout the training. There are 58 processes, 49 processes fall within the 5 process groups. The other 9 role-dependent processes are a part of the 45 Project Manager roles.

1. Start of Training: General Project Management Knowledge includes, but is not limited to the following, and these are not in any particular order:

a. About the PMP Exam, how it is configured, and what your should know.
b. Organizational Factors, Environment, Types and Influences (Includes Culture and Diversity)
c. Business Analyst role for the Agile Project before it begins and before, during and after for Traditional Projects
d. Project Alignment to Organization’s Strategies, Goals and Objectives
e. Differences in Project Life Cycles
f. Projects, Programs, Portfolios, Governance
g. Project Manager Leadership / Emotional Intelligence & Skills / Business Acumen
h. The Project Team
i. The Sponsor’s Roles
j. Handing Change management before the start of the project
k. How to Transition the Project if it closes early, and if it goes to close

2. Now starts in sequential order from start up to project benefit evaluation. There are 58 Processes from Start-Up through Realized Benefits, and (49 fall within the 5 Process Groups), and 9 of them are role dependent activities that the PM must do. The role dependent processes are a part of the 45 PM roles. Trainees will learn how to follow the processes from start up to “Realized Benefits” in logical sequence. Included are: Process Inputs / Outputs / Tools and Techniques / and project documents for all 10 Knowledge Areas, and definitions. Discussions of “what can go wrong?” within the process, and why one process has to be done before another (part of day 4). a. Start Up Processes & Initiating Processes
b. Planning Processes included Change & Configuration Management
c. Executing Processes
d. Monitoring & Controlling Processes
e. Closing Process and Realized Benefits Assessed
f. Backward Pass of the Processes
g. Last day of training: Backward pass of the processes, what can go wrong within the processes, and exam reminders and more.

3. Other: a. There are class examples, feedback and quizzes throughout the training
b. Use of Workflows for understanding & Prep Exercise Solutions
c. After training has ended: Prep Exercises that may need to be finished after class and 30 days of Online Quiz Practice. We provide trainees 2 days to finish the Prep Exercises, and 30 days to finish their online quiz practice. Online Quiz practice really helps the trainees learn and apply, as the situational questions help them fill in their knowledge and experience gaps. If they trainee is not going to take the PMP Exam right away, if they do the practice they will improve their decision-making skills, their business acumen skills, and their leadership skills, as well as their project management knowledge and skills.

The following additional items are included with the training:

Exam Application: Instruction and training is included to assist with experience submission, that is, your PMP Application and Review of it before you submit it. This is usually covered at the end of the last day of training. Please note that this area is much easier now. If you would like us to review your resume and help you understand what certification to take before coming to class or whether or not you have enough hours, please email your resume to Nereda Haque, PMP: neredahaque@smartpathllc.com.

All materials are included in the price of the training.

Certificate of Completion for 35 hours of training