How to Study - Here are Your 10 PMP(R) Exam Pointers

How to Study - Here are Your 10 PMP(R) Exam Pointers</span>
The V7 PMP exam started starting 1-2-2021 - updated 11-14-2020

Keys to passing at SmartPath LLC:

(1) It's not how much time you study, but how you study that counts. Finish all exercises. Follow your Roadmap provided in your Supplemental materials, your daily study outline, finish all quiz practice, review areas in the Final Exam Checklist. Take your exam.

(2) Follow class recommendations which are based on proven methods - we know what works

(4) Allocate daily time to escalate your knowledge - visualize it, think about it, ask yourself questions, live and breathe it daily

(4) Do useful quiz practice invoking cognitive thinking, logic and reasoning, as this is key to answering questions you've never seen before and you want to develop cognitive tracks in your brain.

(5) Quiz practice is not about testing you but teaching you. So force yourself to think cognitively. The PMP exam is all about applying your knowledge in various situations and this takes practice. Don't argue with the best answer. Look up the information to support the best answer. You will learn this way.

(6) Finish ALL exam practice quizzes. Redo the areas that you feel you are weak in. This will also help your speed in answering real exam questions as well as mitigate risk. You can compare your answers on different takes and or look up the knowledge pertaining to the question that you did not understand.

(7) Understand at least 69% to 72% of each quiz content - this doesn't mean that you have to score 72%. It means, that after you reasoned out the question, do you understand the answers now?

(8) Memorize your formulas by understanding how you use them in case you need them. Most exam takers will have at least some math in the exam but not much.

(9) Divide the number of practice questions by the number of days to your exam, so you can plan to finish them. There are over 1,900 questions to practice

(10) Know what AMT-ESE-AC acronym stands for.