Dos and Don'ts for V7 PMP(R) Exam Preparation

Dos and Don'ts for V7 PMP(R) Exam Preparation
Studying for the V7 PMP Exam starting 1/2/2021. This page was last updated 1-1-2021

How to Prepare to Pass the V7 PMP Exam that starts 1/2/2021. Expect up to 5 answers in the exam. You might be asked to choose 1,2 or 3 answers. You may have match, hotspot and some fill in the blank (limited) questions.

1. Quiz Practice: Don't just pick an answer without thinking. Think by using recognition or recall only and or reasoning. If you just pick out the questions, and you don't exercise any cognitive thinking, reasoning or logic, then your quiz work will not be productive. You can do your practice this way, if you are doing it to learn interactively. Then pick any answer, and understand why the best answer is best by looking up the area in your materials, thus making your learning interactive.

2. Don't do the quiz again if you just did it, even if you used cognitive thinking, reasoning and logic. Wait until you've finished them all. Otherwise, your brain will "rote" learn even if you think it won't. Exam questions are very different in the exam. You will have to reason them out, think about them, and use logic because that's what the real exam requires you to do.

3. Don't Ignore your materials - Don't Exclude Your Roadmap, Quizzes, Workflows, Final Checklist and your Prep Exercises as your materials provide interactive learning and also project management, exam and job visibility. They are very important when you are not understanding a question. Your Supplemental materials contain all your exam instructions.

4. Follow the V7 Roadmap to exam success.

What to do now? If you are one of our PMP Trainees and you need more help, or you weren't able to take the PMP exam in 2020 or in a previous year, Contact Nereda Haque, PMP at 360-584-8614 or just email her