Dos and Don'ts of V6 PMP® Exam Preparation

Dos and Don'ts of V6 PMP® Exam Preparation
How to Study Properly is below the 3 don'ts so don't miss that reading: (updated 5-8-2019)

1. Don't just pick an answer without thinking by using recognition or recall only. If you just pick out the questions, and you don't exercise any cognitive thinking, reasoning or logic, then your quiz work will not be productive.

2. Don't do the quiz again if you just did it, even if you used cognitive thinking, reasoning and logic. Wait until you've finished them all. Your brain will "rote" learn even if you think it won't. Exam questions are very different in the exam. You will have to reason them out, think about them, and use logic because that's what the real exam requires you to do.

3. Don't Ignore your materials, and your Prep Exercises, as your materials provide interactive learning and also project management visibility and associations. They are very important when you are not understanding a question, especially in the Quiz H category and in the Quiz I category.

How to Prepare to Pass the V6 PMP Exam (The last day to take the current V6 exam is 12/15/2019. The first day to take the new V6.2 exam is 12/16/2019. Our training for the V6.2 exam will start on November 5 at SmartPath LLC.

1. Do all quizzes daily:
The quiz practice is a very useful tool if you use it correctly. Use Workflow 11 to determine the PM's Roles. See Exercise 1 Solutions, Box 5. The PM is totally responsible for everything and cannot shirk his/her responsibilities.

Reading the quiz question, selecting an answer based on some logic, reasoning or thinking will help you answer your real Exam questions. If it is not apparent to you, then pick any answer, then read the answer. Understand the reasoning, logic and / or appropriate concepts, think about what you should have applied and why it's the best answer, and move to the next question.

You should understand 75% of the content that aligns to quizzes F/G/H/I and A and be able to attain at least the high 60’s for quizzes J and K and high 50’s to 60’s for quiz L. If you are scoring lower, then refer to your Exam Performance Checklist in Appendix A in your pmWorkbook.

2. Use these essential tools to look up answers to the questions or to increase your knowledge when you are getting too many practice questions wrong. Use Workflow 13 to open to the areas that you are learning in your quiz practice. See slide/page 540 for which areas are represented in each quiz.

3. Advice for people having difficulty or V5 people transitioning to the V6 exam.

Open to pmWorkbook, Exercise # 1 Solutions (all 8 boxes need to be known; however, know boxes 5,7, and 8 exceptionally well), Workflows 11, and 13 as you can expect lots of questions from this area, especially for Executing and Monitoring & Controlling. Know all of the white boxes on Workflow 11 and the processes they related to and the process group you are in. Put them on your study desk all at once. (Refer to the other Workflows for specific visibility.) Review to Workflow 16 as you need to know that well too.

Even if you are doing well on your quiz practice also review the following before taking your exam. 1. Learn the Information from slides/pages 22 to 68 and know Workflow 16 as well, because this information can appear throughout the process groups. Review Workflow 16.

2. Review Final Review & Exam Prep slides/pages in pmWorkbook – Complete the checklist of what you need to know before taking your exam on slide/page 542. Learn your formulas and know your acronyms: See slide/page 551.

3. The Final 3 to 4 Days before your exam: Open to pmWorkbook, Exercise Book Solutions # 1, Workflows 11, 13. Put them on your study desk all at once. Reread for every process, one at a time, referring as you do it to, Boxes 5,7,8 in the Exercise 1 Solutions. Crossing referencing to Workflow 11 and Workflow 13 for every process. You need to know all of the white boxes for the 49 PM Roles, the processes that they associate to and the process group that you are in. The process groups have their own swimlanes and they are color coded. Please note that Executing & Monitoring & Controlling are exceptionally crucial to your passing. Again Boxes 5,7,8 for these areas are an important review. Note: This instruction and the quiz practice itself takes into account how your exam is structured. Do not spend all of your time studying slide/pages 22 to 68, initiating (26) and Closing (12), when Planning (48), Executing (62) & Monitoring & Closing (50) are a total of 160 questions.

Mo Haque, MSEE, PMP, PMI-ACP, PMI-PBA, CMfgT, EDMP may be adding more pages for you to pay attention to before taking your exam, so please see back here later.
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