Why PMs and BAs Should Take the PMI-PBA(R)Certification Training

Why PMs and BAs Should Take the PMI-PBA(R)Certification Training
People train with SmartPath LLC from all over the United States for our courses, including the PMI-PBA(R) Certification Training. Not all training companies each this class, so trainees around the country are scrambling to find a suitable class that will help them pass. SmartPath LLC is a PMI(R) Authorized Training Partner, #3441

Very Experienced Instructor: Mo Haque, MSEE, PMP, PMI-ACP, PMI-PBA, CMfgT, EDMP, PMI(R) Authorized Training Instructor. Verify all of Mo Haque's badges.

Gathering Explicit and Tacit knowledge are essential from a training such as this: We are able to provide both because we have a highly valued trainer with a ton of experience in Global Enterprise Architecture (a top Analyst Title), Program, Portfolio and Project Management, as well as Agile. The range of industries includes NATO, Automotive, Education, IT Software, Government and Retail. Being able to take a class and learn the explicit knowledge is good, but taking a class where you can also gather tacit knowledge is a huge learning advantage. You will be able to implement what you learn. You will be able to ask any question and get the best possible answer. You will receive training that you can't get from anywhere else.

Materials and Tools: The PMI-PBA training includes materials and tools – pbaWorkbook with lots of illustrations and 5 workflows, model types, etc., and a 30-day free online quiz practice subscription containing 947 exam practice questions. This enables you to be able to complete your PMI-PBA exam within 10 to 15 days or spend a few days extra if needed. Subscription extensions or resubscriptions are available from $39 for 15 days and practice time is unlimited should you need them. Very rarely doesn’t anyone need more time. How to pass the exam is clearly laid out for you. And you can ask us questions while you are studying and practicing.

Consider your background: It’s important to have some background in project management. Project management terminology and acronyms are prominent in the exam. Note: You don’t have to do the PMP Certification training first. Many BA and Analyst Professionals don’t. However, it really helps to do the PMP Certification training first if your experience is more limited to do the PMP Certification training first as it strengthens your understanding.

What does a BA do? Today’s business analyst identifies opportunities, owns the requirements for the PMs project, writes change management policies and procedures for the PMs projects and collaboratively works with the PM throughout the project, tracing changes forward and backwards, and communicates the changes to the stakeholders, and manages business benefits and values while the PM continuously delivers it. You will learn all about this during the class.

Come to our PMI-PBA Certification class onsite at one of our locations or attend online to learn, and take your career to the next level by passing the PMI-PBA exam.

High expectations for passing: We expect our passing rate to stay at 99% or greater. No one has failed in the past 18 months. If you need some input about your experience and exam qualifications, send your resume to neredahaque@smartpathllc.com.

Be proud of your accomplishments. Take our PMI-PBA Certification class. You’ll be so glad you did. See more PMI-PBA Details.