Big Data BI for Business Users - Article

Big Data BI for Business Users. This is what's astonishing:

IDC recently published Worldwide Big Data and Analytics Predictions for 2015. Among their predictions are the following:

1. Enabling self-service end user will be a requirement for all enterprises by 2018

2. Cloud solutions will grow 3 x faster than on premise solutions. Hybrids will become a requirement.

3. There will be a shortage of skilled staff

4. 100% of organizations will purchase external data by 2019.

Both traditional and agile project managers, business analysts, and MBAs and other professionals can all learn how to use self service BI that is now available without any assistance from IT, thus leading more and more analysis of data for enterprise decision making.

At SmartPath LLC we are providing training Big Data BI Business User professionals by offering EDMP-1 and EDMP-2 and supporting ongoing professional development. Most of our trainees have PMI Certifications and are highly skilled.

Enterprise Date Management Professional training are for Big Data BI Business Users: EDMP-1 and EDMP-2

We are no longer training for a certification exam.