Business Analysis Training,<br>Excel Series, Live Online

Business Analysis Training,
Excel Series, Live Online

Item# BUSAN-01-11
$175.00, 2  classes for  $315.00, 3  classes for  $429.00, 4  classes for  $500.00
Business Analysis Training - Excel Series

PDUs for PMP®, ACP, PgMP: 2 PDUS per class This Business Analysis – Excel Series of Hand-On Classes are designed for busy managers, project managers, business analysts who needs to have command on using Excel to perform their management, business analysis and financial know-how. Each section is scheduled for 1 to 2 hour session, depending on length of the topics. These hands-on classes will build your proficiency in Excel and analysis techniques for general management and project management.

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Locations or Methods of Learning:

(1)SmartPath LLC Onsite in Washington, DC: 1050 Connecticut Ave NW, 10th FLR, Suite 1000, Washington, DC 20036. Metro is in the building and across the street in the CVS. Cross Street is "L" Street. Central Parking is in the building between K and L Streets on the right. DC Parking and Redline Metro

(2)SmartPath LLC Onsite in Bellevue, WA: 2018 156th Ave NE, Bellevue WA 90007 - Parking is free to the right of the Stop sign as you drive up the hill or in front of the building.

(3) Via Live Video Conference using your computer.

Class Choices are numbered 1 to 11. Other options may be added later on:

Business Analysis Class Titles and Outlines for Class Content and Practice

1. Business Analysis Using Excel – Examining a Business Case
• Developing a Business Case
• Developing the Excel Model

2. Business Analysis Using Excel – Creating a Sensitivity Analysis
• Reviewing the Business Case
• Managing Scenarios
• Measuring Profit
• Varying Discount Rate Input
• Using the Goal Seek Tool

3. Business Analysis Using Excel – Measuring Quality
• Monitoring Quality through Statistical Process Control
• Performing Acceptance Sampling
• Using Worksheet Functions for Quality Control
• Sampling Units from a Nonfinite Population

4. Business Analysis Using Excel – Forecasting and Projections
• Baseline
• Moving Average Forecast
• Forecasting with Regression Functions
• Forecasting with Smoothing Functions

5. Business Analysis Using Excel – Making Investment Decisions
• Using Standard Deviation
• Understanding Confidence Intervals
• Using Regression Analysis in Decision Making

6. Business Analysis Using Excel – Examining a Decision Criteria
• Understanding Payback Periods
• Calculating Future Value, Present Value
• Net Present Value, Optimizing Costs

7. Business Analysis Using Excel – Importing Business Data
• Creating and Using ODBC Queries
• Working with Data Ranges
• Creating and Using Web Queries
• Using Parameterized Web Queries

8. Business Analysis Using Excel – Exporting Business Data*
• Using VBA to update an External Database
• Editing the Records Values
• Using with Blocks
• Adding new records to the Record set
• Choosing to use ADO

9. Business Analysis Using Excel – Analyzing Contribution Margins
• Calculating the Contributing Margin
• Using Unit Contribution
• Finding the Break-Even Point
• Making Assumptions in Contribution Analysis

10. Business Analysis Using Excel – Ratio Analysis
• Interpreting Industry Averages and Trends
• Comparing Ratios within Industries
• Analyzing Profitability Ratios
• Analyzing Leveraging Ratios
• Analyzing Liquidity Ratios
• Analyzing Activity Ratios

11. Business Analysis Using Excel – Valuing Inventories
• Understanding Perpetual and Periodic Inventory Systems
• Valuing Inventories, Comparing the 4 Valuation Methods
• Handling Purchase Discounts, Calculating Turns Ratio

If your organization requests this training, you will be provided PDU information based on the triangle.