What "Call First" Means after a Menu Class Date is listed?

What "Call First" Means after a Menu Class Date is listed?
What "Call First" Means after a Menu Class Date is listed.

All of our training is guaranteed at the time of purchase. We just want to make sure that you will still get your materials in time.

PMP(R) Certification with Exam Prep: Class content is purchased on Logical Operations who prints and distributes this Prep content. if we are getting close to a cut off time for your print copy, you may not get your print copy in time. We would want to make sure you are okay if you start with the the digital copy or you might want to choose another class dates. Trainees are getting their digital set up instructions within 1 to 3 days of ordering if their purchase was made before 2 PM. Otherwise they are sent out the following day. Print copies may be received as early as 7 days if you live in a major city and you ordered by 2 PM. However, out of the way places have taken as long as 15 days for the printed copy.

What about SmartPath LLC's PMP)R) Supplemental materials?: The are sent through FlexiQuiz, the LMS we use to hold our quizzes. We send you a link so you can download your supplemental content. You are authorized to print a copy for your personal use at home and work. The workflows are available to purchase, printed on high quality gloss cover.

Materials for classes other than PMP(R) Certification: We need 3 to 5 business days depending on if you live in a metropolitan area or away from it. For example: We do not provide digital copies for classes that are not PMP(R) Certification classes. If you order after 2 PM ET your order won't leave the post office until the next day so that's why we say 4 to 5 business days on our website.