CAPM Certification Training, <br>100% Live Online <br>Using Your Computer<br>for this Project Management Training.<br> The exam is not included.

CAPM Certification Training,
100% Live Online
Using Your Computer
for this Project Management Training.
The exam is not included.

Item# PMTR01-LV-E6
$1,295.00, 2  people for  $2,100.00, 3  people for  $2,850.00
CAPM Certification class information. This is a price point to provide you a discount for 100% Live Online Training. Please see the onsite training page for class and / or exam details. We are currently creating CAPM Certification only training materials so your class will be focused on this exam later. CAPM trainees will no longer be able to train with the PMP Certification Class. You will still quality for the Do It Again Training if you wish to take your PMP Exam later on. This class offers a big discount for our CAPM trainees to take their PMP exam training later on.

Time and Dates: Click on the down arrow to see all times and dates. This class is usually scheduled from 9 AM to 7:15 PM Eastern Time, which is the same as 6 AM to 4:15 PM Pacific Time.

Live Online training provides a training price reduction for those who wish to take their training online, instead of onsite. Live Online is trending so we won't be providing onsite training for CAPM Certification individual trainees unless they are part of an organization's group training.

Materials & Tools Workbook, Prep Exercises, Workflows and a 30-day Online Quiz Practice Subscription that starts on the last day of class.

The CAPM Exam The CAPM exam is not included as part of the training price. You need to pay the Project Management Institute for your exam. See details below. For non-PMI members the exam fee is $300 and $225 for PMI-Members. You can take two retakes during your 12 months of exam eligibility period. Retakes are $200 for Non-PMI members and $150 for PMI-Member.

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