CAPM Exam Visibility Board (Kanban)

CAPM Exam Visibility Board (Kanban)
CAPM Kanban Board - Providing CAPM Trainee Updates
Post updated 3-23-2020

All CAPM exam eligibility dates are now through 12-31-2020 because of the coronavirus crisis.

Because of significant changes, to the PMP exam materials, we are no longer training the CAPM candidates during the first 3 days of a PMP training. Instead, we are offering exam-focused CAPM training to our CAPM customers. Please read all information on this page as it may be important to your success.

About the New CAPM quiz links: This CAPM quiz practice subscription also provides 2 exams of 150 questions each. There are just 959 questions so you should be able to complete 100 questions per day and even more over a weekend, and even do them twice over 15 day-period. You have to know these areas well and your Workflow of the process groups well.

Free Step-by-Step Review: We also have a step by step review handout that is available for those who took their training since the new CAPM exam started in early 2018. If you are one of our CAPM customers and you don't have this handout, please request it by email. We sent this review out to those who took their CAPM training using pmWorkbook, and for those who took it from September 2019 using capmWorkbook. You will be provided the review that is appropriate to when you took your training, and what you have so far.

Whether you do the quiz practice or not, it is still recommended that you do review your materials, and use the review outline if you have it.

Two Quiz Practice Options for Purchase by SmartPath LLC CAPM Trainees

1. $39 for 15 days

2. $59 for 30 days

Future Loyalty Training : 1. About Do It Again Training loyalty discount: Once you have earned the CAPM credential, you need to take the test every 5 years in order to keep it your credential. This is a retraining purchase link that provides a loyalty discount for our former customers

2. About Do it Again Training, but this time for the PMP Certification. If you have enough hours for the PMP Exam and you wish to take it. CAPMs can take advantage of this PMP loyalty offer. This is because the content is similar, just more difficult for the PMP Exam. If you qualify for the PMP Certification now, take it on or before 12/31/2020 if you took your V6 training with the PMP class for your CAPM education. Unless your materials say you have V6 training on the front cover, then you will need to take the current V6 PMP Certification training, and you can purchase that training at the URL provided in this paragraph in order to be up-to-date for the PMP Exam.

CAPM Exam eligibility dates & loss of exam fee: If you have an Exam ID sitting on your PMI dashboard, you are required to take that exam within those specified eligibility dates or at the end of any extended dates that PMI may have provided you, or you will lose your exam fee.

CAPM trainees may take their CAPM Exam online if they prefer. Go over with Pearsons Vue the pros and cons for this. Pearsons Vue is currently closed in Canada and the US through April 15 or until further notice. They have been in touch with all trainees.
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