CAPM® Versus PMP Certification Class in DC, MI, WA

CAPM® Versus PMP® Certification Class in Detroit area in Troy, DC or Seattle-Bellevue or Live Online:

CAPM Certification Training with Exam Prep in both Bellevue, WA and Washington, DC. You could even put in a request to join a class via 100% Live Video Conference using your computer. You will be given 150 questions for your CAPM certification exam. The Exam is 3 hours long. The materials cover the content you need to know from the PMBOK® Guide, 6th Edition. You can consult the handbook at for this exam.

You need 1500 hours of project work experience or 23 hours of training plus a high school diploma/equivalent or a college degree. If you don't have the experience then the training of 23 hours will qualify you to take the Exam.

You will cover all the material you need in know in order to pass the CAPM certification exam. Our classroom training is 26.25 hours and includes Exam Prep. The online training will be 23 hours.

Please don't take the CAPM training just because you think that it's less work and easier. This Exam can be as difficult as the PMP Exam as you need to count on more memory work. It you don't do all of the recommended practice it can be more difficult to pass. The reason you take the CAPM Exam Training is you don't have enough hours for the PMP Certification Exam; therefore the next best Certification is the PMI-ACP Certification (Agile but you need some Agile experience) or the CAPM Exam. Sometimes I think the CAPM and Agile Exams are the most difficult because memory work is more demanding.

Most people don't understand that they have been doing projects. We read their resumes all of the time and they have a ton of projects. Agile is managing projects adaptively and we can identify those too.

Get the certification that is right for you by sending us your resume and we will review it free of charge. Send it to

Another thing for CAPM trainees to remember. We have just changed exams. It is likely that this Exam may not change for 3 to 5 years. Therefore this is a golden opportunity to take the PMP Certification Training and ask for the CAPM checklist of the areas you need to concentrate on for the CAPM Exam. Get that certification, then within 12 to 18 months (or whenever you have enough project hours) restudy all of your materials and take the PMP Certification. This is an excellent strategy and you only need to pay for one lot of training. You do not need to do any other kind of training before you take the PMP Cert with Prep as the 35 hours of training will qualify you for the PMP Exam as well as the CAPM Exam. SmartPath LLC's materials are full of step by step instructions, Prep Exercises and everything you need to know to pass either of these Exams.

Another thought: We find that CAPM trainees who do the PMP Certification Training or resit with the PMP Trainees pass the PMP Exam with a lot more ease because they have a broader view, their understanding is deeper, and they make excellent project managers with more "how to" at their finger tips.

100% Live Online Training
Retraining for SmartPath LLC's PMP trainees whose 6 months have expired
Federal Government Pricing Plus inc. PMP Exam
CAPM Certification, 100% Live Online
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