& Onsite Training

COVID-19<br> & Onsite Training
We have begun training onsite at customer locations. We just finished a big training in Washington State. Future onsite training is only for prescheduled group training. We follow all guidelines within DC, MI, or WA states. We are not scheduling one person at a time for onsite training. It's not possible to get enough trainees. Live Online training is available for all our class subjects including for individuals who want to train with us. At this time both the trainees and instructors will wear a mask for onsite training. Training can be arranged at 100 W. Big Beaver Rd, Suite 200 in Troy, MI if it is scheduled well in advance, or it can be arranged anywhere at your location, at locations in WA or in DC or preferably at your organization. The organization needs to make sure that the trainees have a recent COVID-19 test within the last week before training, or the trainees needs to be fully vaccinated, whichever applies. If you put your own group together then you will be required to show us your vaccination record or your recent test on the first day of class. You may contact us to schedule a group of various interested people from various organizations. That's okay too. We looking forward to being of service.