Program Management Training<br>Creating an Organizational <br>Program Roadmap

Program Management Training
Creating an Organizational
Program Roadmap

Item# PRG-Roadmap
Creating an Organizational Program Roadmap using Visio

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Class Hours: 10 hours over 2 days or evenings

(a) Analyze available information from the organizationís strategic goals and objectives
    (i) internal and external influences
    (ii) program drivers
    (iii) organizationís capabilities
    (iv) benefits that the organization wishes to achieve

(b) Define:
    (i) Expect outcomes
    (ii) Required resources
    (iii) Strategy for delivering the needed changes to implement new capabilities across the organization
    (iv) Depict the Roadmap in chronological order of programís direction, depicting dependencies between major milestones and decision points to reflect the linkage business strategy and program work

(c) Reflect:
    (i) Like a project schedule, outline major events to plan development of detailed schedules

(d) Reflect:
    (ii) Reflect the pace of realized benefits so it can serve as a basis for transition and integration of new capabilities

(e) Communicate through the Roadmap:
    (i) The overarching program plan and benefits to the stakeholders to build and maintain their support (br>