Executive Project Management

Executive Project Management
Executive Project Management. Training in DC, Bellevue-Seattle and Live Online.

by Mo Haque, PMP

Executive management faces the challenges in launching a strategic or a tactical project in today’s fast paced information-driven environment. They understand that the risks are very high at the beginning and the project manager ought to create a proper mitigation plan for the risks. However, the executive managers do not have adequate tools in hand to monitor and control the outcome of the project since they feel that the project’s successful delivery is essentially the responsibility of the project manager. This reliance and dependency on the project manager leads to added risks that falls in the list of the executive managers.

Therefore it is imperative that executive managers understand and comprehend how project management processes, activities and change management are done. The executive managers also need to ensure that they have understanding of performance reports that include the “Earned Values”, “Expected Monetary Values” and “Quality Metrics”.

In day to day management of an enterprise it becomes overwhelming to manage all communication, performance reports and resources. To streamline the decision process for the projects in an enterprise, the executive managers may want to hone their knowledge in the following areas:

A. Project Triple Constraints
B. Risk Management
C. Quality Management
D. Monitoring & Controlling – Work Performance Reports and Change Management

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