Project Management Training, PMP(R) Certification for Exam Approval

Project Management Training, PMP(R) Certification for  Exam Approval
Project Management Training, PMP® Exam Approval:
You will be given Instructions and training with the "HOW TO" by SmartPath LLC to help you organize your hours of project experience on day one. You will finish it at home and save it as a PDF and send it to Nereda Haque, PMP for review by Mo Haque, MSEE, PMP, PMI-PBA, PMI-ACP, CMfgT, EDMP. He will send it back to you with his comments with suggested corrections, if any. Then you will submit it before you come to the last day of class so you can be approved one day earlier.

Email for Step by Step instructions to how to apply for the PMP Exam.

If you haven't already submitted your request to sit for the PMI PMP Exam (See below for CAPM Exam), we prefer you submit your experience after you have reviewed the terminology and know what knowledge area or process group you are in when detailing your experience. You will learn how to do it right in class. However, you can start organizing your projects in date order on a spreadsheet. If you have multiple projects you are managing simultaneously put them all together to avoid overlapping of hours. For Example, if you did many projects simultaneously then list them under a name that will cover all of them. Submit about 1960 to 1987 hours per year maximum. Do not put in more than 40 hours per week and make sure you allow for your vacation time. You may go back 8 years if need be, although this is unnecessary for most people.

On your second day of the PMP class we will go over all of this with you.

The basic rule of thumb is this: you need 7,500 hours of project work with a high school diploma or equivalent with 5 years minimum experience (must add up to 60 months of project management experience) or 4,500 hours of project work after 4 years of college (must be a 4 year degree) to have sufficient experience for Exam approval with 3 years of minimum experience. (Must add up to 36 months of project management experience.) You can go back up to 8 years to qualify for the right number of months or hours.

If you have questions as to whether or not your experience qualifies, please send us your resume and we will guide you.

You don't need the title of project manager, project coordinator or program manager etc in order to document your project experience. Many examples of business projects could include Business Analysis, Strategic planning, Research, Training planning and Execution (first time it is executed), Preparation required to teach, Special Reports, Managing the creation of course materials, policies or documentation, Event Planning & Execution, Testing, Writing Projects, Grant Project Writing, Content Development, etc.

Do the following if you want to start organizing your experience before class starts:

1. You can start organizing your projects (See your resume)
2. Start Date, End Date for each project
3. Name of each Project, Project Hours for each project by Initiating, Planning, Monitoring & Controlling, Closing, Total Hours
4. A brief project description of 350 to 500 characters for each project
5. Name of colleague or manager for each project who will verify the project work and hours (good to use 2 or 3 different people) – their email and phone number
6. Organization & Location where the project was performed

It is okay to report more hours if you wish. We would not report more than 500 to 800 maximum because if you get audited you will create yourself extra work.

Best and simpliest way to start your application is to: Go to
Click on Certification
Click on PMP Certification
Click on ready to apply
You can save your information each time until you finish it. Once finished, save it as a PDF and send it to us to review. Best time to do this is about mid-way through your SmartPath LLC PMP Certification class. On the first day you will learn how to do it correctly and by mid-week you will understand the terminology more so you can describe your projects.

CAPM(R) Exam: No experience submission is necessary. All you need is 23 hours of project management training. That's it. Our training provides 26.25 hours over 3 days.

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