PMP Certification Training
with Exam Prep, 100% Live Online

PMP Certification Training<br> with Exam Prep, 100% Live Online<br>
Class Objectives:
The trainee should be able to manage a team to plan, execute and complete a project aligned to the business environment. To do this:
(1) The trainee will create a high-performing team
(2) Plan and manage the project
(3) Execute and assess the project work
(4) And keep the team on track while keeping the business in mind. Source: PMI(R) Authorized PMP(R) Exam Prep book, About This Course.

For the PMP Exam starting 1/2/2021: "To ensure your success in this course, you should have experience with basic project management concepts and have some working knowledge with project management. . . You can obtain this level of skills and knowledge " -- PMI(R) Authorized PMP(R) Exam Prep book, About This Course. ." To obtain this knowledge and skill, take a one-day instructor-led training before taking this class on:
(a) Introduction to Project Management
(b) Project Management Basics
(c) Introduction to Agile

Times & Dates: See the "add to cart" above, and click on the down arrow to see available dates. Class choices comprise of 4 days or two weekends or a combination training which are 9 AM to 7:15 PM in Eastern Time (ET) or 7 AM to 5:15 PM in Pacific Time (PT), or otherwise stated. Please note that PT is 3 hours behind ET. Other times may be facilitated for you based on your location.

Training Days: 4 Days or two weekends, usually consecutive. You may find occasional 5-day training sessions that often come at the request of organizations sending many trainees to us. The number of class hours is still 35 hours. Class time variations can happen based upon organization requests.

PMP Exam: You can take the PMP Exam Live Online now.

Method of Training: 100% Live Online. You can ask about onsite training for your group or 100% Live Online training for your group. Use your laptop or computer to join the training.

Audience experience background: Project Managers, Program Managers, IT Managers or Developers, Business Managers, Business Analysts, Operation Managers, Engineers, Architects, CEOs, MBAs, Event Planners, Educators, CFOs, HR Managers, Quality and Risk Managers, Marketing & Advertising Managers - anyone who has been doing projects even if you are unaware you've been managing projects, even if you are the only person on you team, etc. You don't need a project manager or program manager title in order to claim project management experience. What are examples of projects? See above prerequisite training if you lack a basic working knowledge of project management, its basics concepts and basic agile concepts. You can take this one day class first.

Very Experienced Instructor: Mo Haque, MSEE, MSEE, PMP, PMI-ACP, PMI-PBA, CMfgT, EDMP. Mo Haque is a brilliant educator, with a strong experiential background throughout his global project management career managing projects and programs where he used enterprise analytical techniques, analysis, and modeling to improve project management delivery through process automation, reducing overall costs and schedule. He is famous for his storytelling, workflows, and for making the seemingly difficult, simple. Those who have experienced his training, continue to come back to class for other training, never ceasing to be amazed of just how much wisdom and knowledge he is able to impart from so much experience. This is the time for you to achieve both explicit and tacit knowledge in abundance. When you take the PMP Exam you will know the answer because you will remember his stories. Verify Mo Haque's Authorized PMI(R) Authorized Instructor badge.

Third Exam Pass Guarantee: We pay for the third exam based on all mandatory compliance activities which are completing all online quiz practice before each of the first two exams, and taking the first exam within 30 days. The third payment needs to be paid within your 12 months of exam acceptance or we do not pay it out. You will need to track your own compliance. That's it. If you want this program, please submit all quiz practice on the quiz learning system so we can verify your compliance. If you are a slower learner and you want to take more preparation time to take the exam, then re-sitting the training is a better option for you. Summary of What You Will Receive
(1) There is no charge to reschedule your training. Simply send Nereda Haque, PMP an email.
(2) You may re-sit your training for up to 12 months or until the exam material changes by PMI(R), whichever is first.
(3) We answer all your questions while you’re preparing for your PMP exam.
(4) PMP Application Guideline and Checklist are provided during training
(5) 35 hours for Exam approval
(6) PMI(R) Authorized Instructor, PMI(R) Authorized training which includes PMI® Authorized Training for PMP® Exam Prep content in both hard copy and digital (allow 2 to 3 days for PMI digital assignment), and
(7) SmartPath LLC digital handouts for project management visibility. If you do not live in the lower 48 states, there may be additional shipping costs above $22.href="">Discounts for future classes or if you need to take the PMP Certification Training with Exam Prep again after 12 months or if the PMP exam you trained is different. Our loyalty discounts apply to the trainee.

PMP Exam Requirements for Exam acceptance
(1) Experience Requirements for the PMP Exam: to be accepted for the PMP Exam, you will need
       • 4,500 hours of project management experience over 36 months with a four year degree / equivalent or greater or
       • 7,500 hours over 60 months with high school diploma / equivalent, plus 35 hours of project management training.
(2) Training Requirements: We provide the 35 hours of formal project management training including the prep you need to pass the exam, review of your resume, (send it to us for review if you have doubts about your qualifications). Our trainees submit their application on the second day of class.