Overview of Project Management

Overview of Project Management

Overview of Project Management
$400.00, 2$500.00, 3$600.00
High Level Project Management Training: This class is an Overview of Project Management without many specific examples, although there is some how-to. This helps those involved in project management, whether the Program Manager, PM or team member to learn basic project management commonality, and developing a broad understanding of project management. This class can be customized to meet the needs of your audience. Specific learning needs should be communicated prior to purchased.

Duration 8 hours. Audience – New or Current Clients
Suitable Audience: Management, Engineers, Scientists, Business Analysts, Data Analysts, IT Operations, Procurement Management, Project Teams.

Please call or text Nereda Haque, PMP to schedule for your organization for all information on training at 360-584-8614 or email her.

Course Areas

1.0 Course Introduction
2.0 Introduction to Project Management
3.0 Project Planning
      3.1 Overview
      3.2 Forming the Project Team
      3.3 Statement of Work
      3.4 Work Breakdown Structure
      3.5 Responsibility Matrix
      3.6 Project Scheduling
      3.7 Resource Planning
      3.8 Budgeting
      3.9 Risk Analysis and Contingency Planning 4.0 Project Implementation
      4.1 Overview
      4.2 Perform Tasks
      4.3 Project Tracking
      4.4 Change Management
      4.5 Issue Resolution
      4.6 Plan Update and Progress Reporting

5.0 Project Close-Out
      5.1 Overview
      5.2 Measuring Project Success
      5.3 Lessons Learned
      5.4 Close-Out Meeting

Class Objectives:

1. Understand the high-level concepts of project management
2. Grasp the overall processes needed to plan, manage and close a project
3. Understand the importance of value and benefits delivery
4. Become aware of the differences between Traditional / Waterfall projects and Agile projects of Agile Hybrid projects