9 Reasons to do Quiz Practice for the PMP® Exam and How to Learn

9 Reasons to do <span style="color:steelblue">  Quiz Practice</span> for the PMP® Exam and How to Learn
SmartPath LLC successfully devised a way for you to pass faster. This page is focused on what it takes to pass from the time you start your class, until the time you take the Exam. From class start to finish, meaning no prior learning is necessary, many will pass within 8 to 15 days after class, some will pass on the 4th or 5th day, and others take up to 20 or even 30 days; some slower learners take a little longer. Don't do the quizzes to see if you know the knowledge now (to test yourself). Do the quiz practice in order to learn the information now! We believe that fresher is best. Here's what you want to do to speed up your learning, to increase your analytical abilities, to be able to identify concepts, processes, contexts, and key words that point to the best answers. Designate 15 days of your life for intensive personal learning allocating your free time to this endeavor:

(a) Daily review what you learned after class and or during the lunch hour
(b) Do the assigned exercises and practice questions using cognitive thinking, logic and reasoning.
(c) Allow the quiz practice tests to teach you - this is absolutely the key to passing faster. It doesn't matter if you get the questions wrong, just that you understood the "why?" of the best answer after getting it wrong. The faster exam takers don't balk at this method; the slower exam takers don't understand how they can learn by applying their knowledge by doing quizzes so they don't follow these instructions.
(d) The faster, successful exam takers use cognitive thinking - applying logic and reasoning - for every single practice question. The slower exam takers are afraid that if they don't memorize the information that they can't be successful.
(e) Take more than one quiz practice iteration: The faster, successful exam takers take the quiz practice again where it was evident that they needed more understanding, but only after they have finished all quiz practice. This way they avoid rote learning as much as possible.
(f) PMP Exam Review: The faster successful exam takers review all of the Day 4 Review section of pmWorkbook, and memorize their formulas understanding how and when they would need them.
(g) Most people who pass finish all quizzes, repeating only the quizzes that they struggled with. And if they fail the first time, they redo them all again, in just the same way, and resit the class before taking the exam.
(h) Many trainees will check in with us throughout their quiz practice to ask questions.
(I) Understanding 80% of your quiz practice and or materials is a comfortable mindset, but being consistent overall with 72% to 75% most often brings desired results also.

At SmartPath LLC we have a Pass Guarantee that covers the third exam. It requires your compliance, the major qualifiers are:

1. Finishing all quiz practice within 30 days and taking your exam within 30 days of your original class or "do it again" class because we want you to be as fresh as possible. This helps you and us
(2) And should you need to take the Exam again, you are required to finish all quiz practice again before taking it in order to mitigate risk or failure
(3) Keep us informed of your progress so we can assist you. Informing us also lets us know of any exam liability that we might have
(4) You are also required to notify us so that we can purchase your third exam if needed within 12 months of your original exam approval.

Optimal days to the PMP® Exam: 15 to 20. We have recently increased the optimal days because it really helps to take the time to review quiz practice that is under par. However, with our resitting policy, 30 day exam takers can resit during this time to have fresh instructor inputs. If you cannot resit all days, due to time constraints try to resit the last two days.

For Slower Exam Takers & for People Who Take Copious Notes in Class Rather Than Listening: resit once or twice to make your instructor's input fresh, because 100% fully instructor led learning is important.

There are other benefits for taking the first exam within 30 days

Everyone, regardless of your exam compliance may resit free for up to six months - onsite if seats are available or Live Online. And yes, there are no limits to the number of times you can do this. There is a weekend Live Online class (two weekends) monthly because we know most of you are working. We also have them during the week - once or twice monthly.

For even slower learners, taking the exam later and taking advantage of resitting is more beneficial to them so they choose this option over compliance with the pass guarantee.

And we are most happy to help all of you. And yes, if you wish to pass, follow our proven methods and check in with us before taking your exam.


About Quiz Practice
Why must I start the quiz practice after class? Which answer is the best answer?

A. It is best to do the quiz practice to see if I know the information yet
B. It is best to do the quiz practice in order to learn the information
C. If I am only getting 50% correct I should study more first
D. It is more important for trainees to learn their way because they have a history of how they learn best

Answer is B: "B" is the best answer because if you do the practice you will learn the information in a way that will help you pass the PMP Exam. You need to develop cognitive thinking in order to pass. You will be able to learn and improve your cognitive thinking skills at the same time. "A and C" are not the right way to learn so they are wrong. You are taking the long and most difficult path to learn. Answer "D" is wrong because you have no experience with taking a psychometric exam. You would do well to follow the advice of experts because they know through experience and data what it takes to pass the PMP Exam.

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