Leadership & Management Strategies <br> for Scientists

Leadership & Management Strategies
for Scientists

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Leadership & Management Strategies for Scientists.

Instructor & Curriculum Developer: Mo Haque, MSEE (Electrical), MSEE (Electronic), PMP, PMI-PBA, PMI-ACP, CMfgT, EDMP

Leadership & Management Strategies for Scientists

7 Hours Ė Instructor led online

Learning Objectives
     1. Understand Thinking Strategically
     2. Focus on organizationís big picture
     3. Make SMART decision aligned with the Organizationís strategic goals

Class Outline

1. Strategic Leadership
     A. Essential Skills
     B. Balance Agility and Consistency
     C. Prove you are Ready for the Next Level

2. Understand Your Organizationís Strategies
     A. Gather data from the Stakeholders
     B. How strategy connects to your daily work
     C. Relationships to help prepare for the future

3. Organizationís Big Picture
     A. Trends and Patterns
     B. Looking from outside
     C. Thinking Long-term

4. Align Decisions with Organizationís Strategic Objectives
     A. Actions and Choices
     B. Better decision in fast pace
     C. Making decision with less data

5. Set Priorities and Manage Trade-offs
     A. Strategic priorities
     B. How to prioritize when your manager is hands-off
     C. Remove outdated objectives

Testimonials: Really enjoyed the Leadership & Management Strategies on 06 Jan 22. Looking forward to future Training. - Eleanor J.