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Building Your Personal Leadership

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Building Your Personal Leadership Model:

Historically, business courses always were “Management.” Accounting or marketing were always nice active verbs. Management was a passive noun. However, this course is about being active - Proactive. It is a practical, sensible approach for new, maturing or experienced supervisors and managers to build confident plans and a structure for “managing.”

Participants of the course, when finished will have in hand, their managing plan as well as additional tools to guide them towards being a successful manager. The course is a practical, thoughtful approach. It is not an academic survey of management theories and philosophies. It is not about strategic management thought. The course is about day to day, in the trenches, leading a team. The day participants leave the course, with tools and plans in hand, we want them feeling they are a better, more confident manager with more time for strategic thought and personal time.

This two day course is conducted using lectures, brief film clips, exercises, and individual activity. The individual activity is building the participants managing structure. The course instructor, Dave Guinn, will not be able to resist antidotes and analogies from American history to help make points.

Audience: Experienced supervisors and managers

Instructor: David Guinn, MBA. Executive Certification from Columbia University. See instructor background

Professional Development Units (PDUs) for PMI® Certifications: See PDU Details Below if you are updating your certifications

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