Microsoft Project <br>with Resource Management

Microsoft Project
with Resource Management

Microsoft Project with Resource Management is a Power Learning class offered in DC, or Bellevue WA or via Live Video Conference. We teach the current Version. If you are inquiring regarding older versions for your organization, please call us at 360-584-8614.

Finding our onsite location Our DC location is close to Maryland and Virginia). The Redline Metro comes right into the building on week days and across the road on weekends and weekdays. Blueline, Orangeline and Silver Metros are close by. If you are taking the Metro bus from Seattle or Bellevue, there's a bus stop at the bottom of 156th Ave NE just near the cross street of 20th NE/ Northup. You will need a laptop or computer if you are taking your training via Live Video Conference.

Current Microsoft Project Version: 16. This class aligns to the content of Microsoft Project 2016.

Class Days and Times: 21 hours of class instruction scheduled between 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM.

Audience: Project Managers and Operations Managers

Skill to Acquire: Manage and track your projects and resources using Microsoft Project

Tools You Will Need: Your Laptop. Also download Microsoft Project onto your laptop a day or two before coming to class so you still have most of the 30-day free trial offer period for practice.

This class is power learning focused, not exam focused, therefore Microsoft Project exam prep is not relevant. The Microsoft Certification is called, Managing Projects with Microsoft Project. This class is not preparation for the Microsoft Certification. It is preparation for you to gain hands-on knowledge and practice.

How to Purchase Training: More classes may be added as these fill up. To Register for class, click on the down arrow, choose the class you want, then click on 'Add to Cart.' Classes are guaranteed to run at the time of purchase or registration so register or purchase early if you wish to save the class dates.

What The Class Covers

Days 1 & 2:

       • Why Use MS Project?
       • Overview Of Class Objectives & How MS Project Can Help You Manage & Track Your Projects
              1. Brief Overview of Enterprise Process Management
              2. Moving Around MS Project
              3. Key Options & Settings You Will Need to Know
              4. Working with Calendars
              5. Communication Management Using MS Project Reporting
              6. Real Time Project Development
You will be given details of a Project that you will work on in this class. With this information you will Create WBS for this Project.
You will cover:
       • Milestones
       • Tasks
       • Columns
       • Outlining Tools
       • Managing WBS
       • WBS coding Tool
7. Durations:
       • Estimate Duration or Work
       • Entering Duration or Work
       • Tools & Techniques used here
       • Schedule Baseline
8. Critical Path, Network Diagrams & Dependencies As Well As Critical Chain, Lead, Lags, Float, Slack
9. Resources & Costs
       • Assigning Resources & Costs
       • Resource Calendars
       • Resource Leveling
       • Applying Tools & Techniques
       • Cost Performance Baseline
10. Calculation Engine & Scheduling
11. EVM & TCPI – Management / Calculation/ Customization/ Instantaneous Reporting
12. Overview of Report Types & Updating Project Documents

Resource Management - Day 3:
       1. Resource Management – an introduction
       2. Quick review of Microsoft Project 2013
       3. Resource Calendars, Tasks and Security
       4. Project Calendars & Resource Calendars
       5. Resource Pool
       6. Assigning a resource
       7. Time Sheets
       8. Resource Leveling

If your organization has sent you to train for a PDU benefit we will provide you the PDU triangle breakdown.