The New PMP Exam has been postponed until Jan 2 - 2021 - You can take the current PMP exam until 12-31-2020. You can now take your PMP Exam Online.

The New PMP Exam has been postponed until Jan 2 - 2021 - You can take the current PMP exam until 12-31-2020. You can now take your PMP Exam Online.
About the current and new PMP(R) exams. This page has been updated on 4-17-2020.

PMP Exam Online: You can do take it Live Online.

4 Hour PMP Exam now has a 10 minute break: You must make it back in time for the 2nd session or your exam will be canceled. Go to, and read all details.

New PMP exam: The new PMP exam starts 1-2-2021.

PMI has delayed the new Provider agreement changes and processes along with the new PMP Exam. They will also control the training start date for Exam Prep training. So we will keep you informed when our new PMP training will start. We cannot advertise it until we have signed the new agreements and we have not received them as yet.

Current PMP Exam Training, 100% Live Online - Just $1,295: For those who wish to take the current PMP(R) exam training, click here or see this URL for US Federal Government and Other Government. Re-sitting this class is for up to 6 months or until the last class purchased by someone else, whichever is first

All PMP certification training is currently 100% Live Online through the last training of the current PMP Exam for as long as the coronavirus affecting WA, DC and MI are in "safe in place" mode. Contact Nereda Haque, PMP to set up training if you prefer onsite training and have a group of 8 to 10 people. If you wish to save money, take the current PMP Exam, and pass it on or before 12-31-2020.

Current PMP Quiz Practice for SmartPath LLC Trainees: We changed the learning management system that we place our quizzes on. You can now review what you answered, seeing the question, 4 answer options, and the best answer for an entire quiz while your subscription is active. There are 4 options on the Quiz option page.

4-day Retraining for former SmartPath LLC PMP/CAPM certification trainees who still need to take the current exam. There is a $699 and a $846 option or if you did not take V6 training (see your pmWorkbook front cover) and you just want new materials or materials/quiz package options, click here. Yes, it is true, if you took your CAPM certification with us, you can qualify for the PMP loyalty programs.

New Provider Agreements for Training Companies: These have also been delayed and will change for all Registered Education Providers* (SmartPath LLC is #3441). It will take some time for us to receive the new Provider agreements. We will keep you informed as we know more.

Quiz Practice for the new PMP Exam: We will continue to offer quiz practice for all of our training, and provide some supplemental materials for the new PMP Exam.

The following information applies to the New PMP Exam only. : We will post new exam dates that we intend to teach as we get closer to the new exam.

New PMP Materials and Supplemental Materials for the new PMP Exam: Materials specific to PMI's new PMP Exam book will be available in either a hard copy book/ or a digital copy. The price will be the same to Providers, except hard copies will have the additional cost of shipping.
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