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Ways To Pay & Register When You Have Other Requirements

Project Management Certification training and related training in Bellevue-Seattle and Washington, DC or Live Online. This Section also includes other items.

1. Credit card or debit card - we accept either:
Sign up / register for class online by doing any of the following:

a. Click on the Class Title
b. Click on the down arrow in the menu
c. Select the date or dates
d. Click on the green "Add to Cart" button
e. Fill in the requested information
f. Add any comments in the comments box within the menus such as flexible dates you to prefer to do (dates must already be available), who is taking the training, their mobile phone and email address, etc:

Credit cards are a convenient way for individuals, Government Agencies, and Employers to pay. It is essentially "financing" the education through credit cards.

2. Pay later - Finance through PayPal: This option is now available. You will be given the option to pay later right in the "Add to Cart" menu, after you have filled out all of the registration information. You can also click on "learn more" on the PayPal banner right under the credit card banner at the bottom of the navigation column to the left of the website.

3. Cashier Check or company Check, Purhase Order or Voucher

a. Cashier Check or company Check Click here to Register For Class
• Enter the the dates you want and your information
• Click the class radio dial so Nereda will know what class you are registering for

b. Call Nereda at 360-584-8614 & give her your information over the phone. Toll Free: 1-855-SMART-50

c. Invoicing Your Company/Employer - Payment Through Purchase Order Number:

Click here to Register For Class
• Enter the the dates you want and your information
• Click the class radio dial so Nereda Haque, PMP will know what class you are registering for. Employers still need to pay in advance unless your employer is a Government Agency who will give SmartPath LLC a voucher or purchase order, at which time we can bill directly after class has ended.

d. Voucher From WorkSource - WA State only: You may pre-register for a class here; however, please call Nereda at 1-855-SMART50 (toll free) or her cell at 360-584-8614. WorkForce - VA State. They accept training in Washington, DC, the site of our training.

5. Or Fill out this form to give us details instead of calling:
Click here to Register For Class
• Enter the the dates for the class you want and your information
• Check the boxes so we know what class you are registering for
• In the comments section write any information Nereda needs to know such as do you want her to email you the Cost & Planning Pages.

Nereda will immediately register you for class. You may also call her at 360-584-8614

If funding is found through WorkSource/WorkForce Partner Resources, you will be given a Voucher to pay for training. Bring the original voucher with you to the training class, along with your driver's license.

Registration Form Or Pre-Registration Form.

Please use this form if you are using a Cashier's Check, Purchase Order or Voucher to Pay For Your Class & Wish to Register or Pre-Register for Any Course Or Class.

Please fill out all of the following information to register or pre-register for any class or course.
Your First Name:

Your Last Name:

Your email address:

Your phone number:

Select your training:
DC PMP Training with Exam Prep
PMP Certification Training with Exam Prep, Bellevue WA
4 Day PMP Boot Camp
PMI-PBA Certification Training
PMI-ACP Certification with Exam Prep

In the comments box below provide training area or method: DC, WA or LVC and dates of training - You may also add further comments in any of the boxes below:

Please Indicate the Method of Payment For This Registration - Please No Personal Checks:
I will send a cashier's check by Priority Mail to SmartPath LLC at 2018 156th Ave NE, Bellevue WA 98007
My company will send a check by priority mail at least 2 weeks before class begins to SmartPath LLC at 2018 156th Ave NE, Bellevue WA 98007
I hope to be approved for a Voucher
I Will Be Emailing You A Purchase Order Number as the company needs an invoice to produce the check
I Have A Purchase Order Number so please email me an invoice

Enter the name of the Person in your company who will receive the invoice and the Purchase order number

If you want us to send the invoice to this person and copy you on the email, please provide that person's email address here.

6. You prefer to make 4 equal payments for PMP Certification with Exam Prep.
If you prefer this, in order to attend class all four payments must be made before the day of training. See below for PMP Training. Call Nereda if you want to make 4 equal payments before class on another training such as PMI-ACP, PMP-PBA Certifications, etc - 360-584-8614

PMP, CAPM, PMI-ACP, PMI-PBA, PgMP, PfMP, PMI, and PMBOK, are the registered marks of the Project Management Institute, Inc.

PMI-ACP Certification with Exam Prep class. This purchase is for ________ only. The Payment is equal to $999 less 10% loyalty of $99.90, plus overseas postage of $79. Total is $978.10.: 
This is one of two payments for PMP® Certification Training: 
This PMP Exam Payment is for a particular SmartPath LLC . This is a first exam payment. This PMP Exam fee will be collected on behalf of the trainee, and paid to the Project Management Institute on behalf of the trainee. : 
For SmartPath LLC Trainees Only New Business Analysis Class book for PMI-PBA Exam. However, do not purchase this book unless you have permission to do so. This book updates the BA certification trainees when too much time has elapsed since class.: 
This Payment Option for $155.00 was created on 7-25-2018 to make up the PMP Exam shortfall on a voucher for the PMP Exam, previously provided to SmartPath LLC on behalf of A**-***i* H****l*. Total PMP Exam price is $555. : 
2018 Payment to update from Live Video Conference training to Onsite training. : 
Agile Book replacement: 
Regular price for One : $500.00
SALE PRICE for One : $200.00
For a Customer in particular by the name This purchase pays for Day 4 of a PMP Class. WorkSource paid $1395 for CAPM training. The WorkSource PMP Certification class rate is $1595: 
2017 Training Upgrade from PMP® Certification Training with Exam Prep for WorkSource/WorkForce Customers, Live Video Conference training to PMP Certification Training with Exam Prep, onsite in Bellevue WA or Washington DC. This is for trainees who have an approved LOA, Voucher, ITA or Agreement. This link is a convenient way to pay the difference between your WorkSource provided PMP Certification Training with Exam Prep via Live Video Conference (LVC) totaling $1,519 and the PMP Certification Training with Exam Prep, onsite totally $1,595 at WorkSource Pricing. Your original training dates are still counted for resitting purposes as well as for the third exam pass guarantee compliance purposes. Resitting onsite is available based on available seats. You may register early to get on the waiting list. You will know of available seating the afternoon before class begins: 
2015 Training - PMI-PBA® Certification Training with Exam Prep in DC. Partial payment with some other payment program.: 
2015: Partial payment for PMI-ACP® Certification Training. Adjusted payment depends on amount authorized: 
2017 - For SmartPath LLC PMP Trainee portion not covered by an LOA, Agreement or Voucher - Customer. Your agreement will cover $1,500 of the class price for PMP Certification with Exam Prep training from Nov 7 to 10 - 2017. The class is $1,595.00. Trainee portion towards the class is $95.00: 
Upgrade from CAPM to PMP Certification: The PMP Training is $1,595.00 for your organization sponsored type. The total payment of $305 upgrades to your class and to the PMP exam are $305. It is $200 more for the class, which will provide you, with 35 hours for PMP Exam approval, and $105 extra for the PMP Exam. This payment link is the use of for M***** S******** only: