Program Management Review Panel Prep for Executives, One-on-One<br> Training

Program Management Review Panel Prep for Executives, One-on-One

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This PgMP(R)(R) Review Panel Prep class for Executives is a hands-on class for one person. It includes the discussion of your projects and programs that you wish to submit for PgMP Certification, alignment of your experience and project management knowledge within a program management framework, and how to document your experience summary, describing the following:

* Strategic program management
* Benefits realization
* Stakeholder management
* Program Governance
* Program Lifecycle

Time: 8AM to 4:30 PM Reserve your training dates by calling Nereda Haque, PMP at 360-584-8614 or email


You will also review a panel discussion to validate your experience and lessons learned in your projects, under the programs.

1. Strategic Program Management – This domain identifies program outputs and outcomes to provide benefits aligned with the organization’s goals and objectives: 2. Program Life Cycle – This domain manages program activities required to facilitate effective program definition, program delivery, and program closure 3. Benefits Management – This domain defines, creates, maximizes, and delivers the benefits to be provided by the program 4. Stakeholder Management – This domain identifies and analyzes stakeholder needs and manages expectations and communications to foster stakeholder support 5. Governance – This domain enables and performs program decision making, establishes practices to support the program, and maintains program oversight

Current Training Locations: This PgMP(R) Review Panel Prep for Executives is for Washington, DC and Bellevue, WA areas, and Live Video Conference / Live Streaming upon request.

Locations & Methods -
1. 100% Live Virtual Online / Live Video Conference - upon request in Pacific or Eastern Time Zones (PT or ET 2. Bellevue-Seattle: SmartPath LLC, 2018 156th Ave NE, Bellevue, WA, 98007
2. Washington, DC: At a location on the corner of L and 1101 Connecticut Ave NW, Suite 410:
3. Troy, Michigan in Pacific or Eastern Time Zones (PT or ET)
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