PMP® Back to basics - what to look up to answer the Online questions

PMP® Back to basics - <span style="color:steelblue">what to look up</span> to answer the Online questions
PMP® Back to basics - how to answer the mock exam questions. Over 2100 questions online cover all areas of your pmWorkbook - practice them and you will learn. Here are hints

Here's where to find question look up information - use will use (3) most of the time:

(1) Find* the Formulas, Memory Joggers, Industry Jargons
(2) For* general project managements questions: Look up after the Exam information, then look up your definitions
(3) For All other questions: Use Workflows 1 to 15. 1-10 are knowledge areas, # 11 is for Roles, # 12 is for Process Group/KAs, # 13 for Sequence, # 14 & 15 for complete OTTIs (Outputs, T & Ts, Inputs)
(4) If you're having difficulty with Situational questions also visit the Exam Review Section

Do not apply your experience or former knowledge when trying to understand the mock exam questions, or in the PMP exam. Your experience only counts for PMP Exam approval. Your experience will not likely help you in the exam and could cause you to answer the questions incorrectly.

Big Exam Tip: When you are asking yourself why is this answer wrong or why is this answer the best** answer, except for items in (2) above, you should be thinking OTTIs + Roles. The answer doesn't have to be right. All four answers can be wrong. However, what is most wrong? All four answers can be correct, but what is most correct? It needs to be the best answer of your 4 answers. Ask what process group am I am in? Read the question again. Look at the answers to see if you see a match. Determine if the question is about a particular OTTIs or Role or perhaps a combination or perhaps it points to a hidden OTTIs or Role. Example: The question may ask what task will you do now? However, the answers only show processes. In this case, you will pick the process that aligns with the role that you would do next.

In Summary: So # 4 above is all about getting back to basics which are: OTTIs plus Roles. That is the "litmus" test that you will use to determine your answer!

* You can see this on your table of contents in pmWorkbook

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