Project Management Competency <br>Building, 100% Live Online<br>

Project Management Competency
Building, 100% Live Online

Item# PM-Comp-01
$799.00, 2  people for  $1,400.00, 3  people for  $1,800.00, 6  people for  $3,000.00
Project Management Performance Competency Training, 100% Live Online using your laptop or desktop. All training is guaranteed to run at the time of purchase. For further questions or to schedule for your group, please call Nereda Haque, PMP at 360-584-8614 (cell) or email her.

SmartPath LLC is a Global PMI Registered Education Provider,* (R.E.P.), #3441.

Class Duration: 10 AM to 6:15 PM Eastern Time
PDU Claim Code: 3441WFI5EB
Training Method: 100% Live Online Training Method:100% Live Online

Materials: We will send you a class handout before class begins. Please join 2 to 3 weeks in advance if possible

What you will receive:
14 hours of project management training
Certificate of training
Pre-approved PDus

Class Objective
       1. Elevating project management outcomes
     2. Increasing sustainment of project benefits
       3. Effective and efficient project governing skills

Audience: At least 3 year experience in Project Management

Project Management Performance Competencies
       1. Purpose of the Performance Competencies
       2. Structure of the Performance Competencies
       3. Performance Criteria and Types of evidence
       4. Units of Performance Competence

Project Manager Personal Competencies
        1. Purpose of the Personal Competencies
        2. Structure of the Personal Competencies
        3. Performance Criteria and Types of Evidence
        4. Units of Personal Competence

Project Manager Communication
        1. Actively listens, understands, and responds to stakeholders
        2. Maintains lines of communication
        3. Ensures quality of information
        4. Tailors communication to audience

Project Manager – Leading the Team
        1. Creates a team environment that promotes high performance
        2. Builds and maintains effective relationships
        3. Motivates and mentors project team members
        4. Takes accountability for delivering the project
        5. Uses influencing skills when required

Project Manager – Managing the Team
        1. Builds and maintains the project team
        2. Plans and manages for project success in an organized manner
        3. Resolves conflict involving project team or stakeholders

Project Manager – Cognitive Ability
        1. Takes a holistic view of a project
        2. Effectively resolves issues and solve problems
        3. Uses appropriate project management tools and techniques
        4. Seeks opportunities to improve project outcome

Project Manager – Effectiveness
       1. Resolves project problems
       2.Maintains project stakeholder involvement, motivation and support.
       3. Changes at the required pace to meet project needs
       4. Uses assertiveness when necessary

Project Manager – Professionalism
1. Demonstrates commitment to the project
        2. Operates with integrity
        3. Handles personal and team adversity in a suitable manner
        4. Manages a diverse workforce
        5. Resolves individual and organizational issues with objectivity

Initiating a Project
1. Strategic alignment with organizational objectives
        2. Preliminary scope statement
        3. High-level risks, assumptions and constraints
        4. Stakeholders identification
        5. Project charter approval

Planning a Project
        1. Integrated change control processes
        2. Project Governance
        3. Project Scope
        4. Resource & Procurement plans
        5. Project team identified with roles and responsibilities
        6. Project Schedule
        7. Cost and Budget
        8. Quality Management
        9. Risk Response Plan approved
        10. Project Plan approved

Executing a Project
        1. Project work directed and managed
        2. Project stakeholders engaged
        3. Physical resources assigned and allocated
        4. Quality assured while working

Monitoring and Controlling a Project
        1. Project tracked, and performance status communicated 2. Project changes are managed
        3. Quality is monitored and controlled
        4. Risk is monitored and controlled
        5. Project physical resources are managed
        6. Contracts administered

Closing a Project
        1. Project outcomes accepted
       2. Project resources released
       3. Stakeholder perceptions measured and analyzed
       4. Project formally closed
       5. Project benefits continues