PMP® Exam Using Your Checklist & Final Review

PMP® Exam <span style="color:green">Using Your Checklist & Final Review</span>
The PMP® Exam Checklist: V6 trainees. Update 3/26/18

This is the part of finalizing your exam preparation. See your checklist in your pmWorkbook. See your Exam Review Tab on pmWorkbook. At the very least look up areas in your quiz review list that are expected to be very important areas.

Check off what you know. Seek to understand what you might feel uncertain about or still need to know. You need to know what's on this checklist.

This is the time to assess your knowledge. Did you have a lot of challenges doing the quizzes? Would you say that 75% or more of these challenges were solved? How did you do on these practice exams - Quizzes H,A,J,I,K and L? If you looked up the answers, that is okay to do. If you understood them after getting them wrong, that's what counts. It's more more meaningful to understand them afterwards than scoring high by picking them out without thinking, because next time you will get it correct even if that question is asked differently. If it's been 15 days since your started practicing your quizzes, then review F,G,H,J,A,I again in that order. You can review by clicking a wrong answer is possible, o review most answers. If you did poorly on L - less than 69% - then review L also.

Are you experiencing Issues?

(1) Analysis: If analysis seems to be your issue: rework A,I,J,L and K if you can. If you are weak in quality, risk, procurement and HR, then rework H also. If you are weak in Math, rework D. Understand again why the wrong answers are wrong and why the one best answer is the best answer. Restudy all parts of your Exam Review Prep (day 4 - see your book tab), understanding what can go wrong in the process and what processes might be affected. If you are still uncertain, reach out to Nereda or Mo by email or phone. If you're still struggling, then review all prep exercises in your pmWorkbook or pmWorkbook Exercises' book for V5 (f) and or consider resitting.

(2) Quiz A: You need to do well here. Come back to this quiz and review it again. Are you understanding more than 72% of what you are learning? how much you understand is more important than how much you score.

(3) Most Important Quizzes - You cannot afford not to know your roles as they most often determine your situational answers. See Workflow 11 and the associated information and Exercise 1 Solutions. Quiz H, A, I, J, K, L will help you develop and apply your knowledge. Use Workflow 11, 13 and 16 to understand the questions. Use Workflow 13 for J type questions. Pay attention to boxes 5,7,8 especially in your Exercise 1 Solutions, and just before your exam review these boxes again for MC and EX.
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