For SmartPath LLC's Trainees
Taking more than 30 days to the Exam? - updated 1-2-2021

For SmartPath LLC's Trainees<br>Taking more than 30 days to the Exam? - updated 1-2-2021
For the PMP Exam that started 1-2-2021. Updated 1-2-2021

This page provides you pointers based on pmWorkbook V7.

What it takes to pass the PMP Exam: SmartPath LLC successfully devised a way for you to pass faster. This page is focused on what it takes to pass from the time you start your class, until the time you take the Exam. Many will pass within 15 to 20 days after class, although most are taking about 30 to 60 days to the PMP Exam. Slower learners take longer. If you consider yourself a slower learner, make sure you re-sit the training. Please consult the Study Guide in your pmWorkbook. pmWorkbook and the 15 accompanying workflow are the full of supplemental information from SmartPath LLC that is a companion to the PMI(R) Authorized PMP(R) Exam Prep book.

A. Don't count on prior learning. Start with a fresh slate. Don't get information overload and confusion. Stay with the learning that we have provided. That is more than enough information for you to pass the PMP Exam.
B. Review what you learned after class each day and during the lunch hour or after you have had a rest
C. Designate enough time over the next 15 to 30 days of your life for intensive learning.
D. Don't do the quizzes to see if you know the knowledge (to test yourself): Do the quiz practice in order to acquire knowledge! It doesn't matter if you get the questions wrong, just that you understood the "why?" of the best answer after getting it wrong, and why it could not be any of the other answers.
E. Use cognitive thinking, applying logic and reasoning to every single practice question.
F. Don't memorize the information, except for formulas and memory joggers. You cannot apply what you memorize, so don't fall into this trap.
G. You can take more than one quiz practice iteration; however, finish quizzes A to L first before repeating any quizzes: If you don't do your quizzes this way, you will rote learn and you won't be able to pick out answers in the exam, as you need to practice your reasoning and cognitive thinking skills in order to pass. Then focus on areas where you scored lower than 70's or didn't understand it. You can even pick any answer, under the question, the keywords, see the answer, then understand it. If you understand it, then move on to the next question.
H. Understanding 75% or more of your quiz practice and your materials is a comfortable mindset only if your learning was balanced. You can balance your learning by doing all of the A to L quizzes, reviewing your Prep Exercises, learning proportionately within the domains. Domain Percentage: 42% of questions are from People, 50% from processes, and 8% from the Business Environment. Spend 42% of your study time in the People area, 50% of your study time in Processes and 8% of your study time in the Business Environment. Understand sequencing (what comes first (Workflow 6), what can go wrong, become aware of risks that may arise and how you will deal with them, knowing your formulas, key acronyms, review your Final Exam Checklist.

The Importance Of Accessing Your Learning Before You Take the Exam

Summary: The very best way to pass the PMP Exam is to finish your Prep Exercises for project management visibility, and finish all quiz practice. Also pay attention to all areas that we have pointed out in your quiz practice instructions which are now in the format of a document called "Final Checklist."

A. Don't miss your daily after class assignments.

B. See your ECO Performance Checklist and grade what you believe your knowledge is by area. See your learning instructions for this exercise. You will spend 10 hours of your study time here.

C. Do your quiz practice - all of it.

D. Review Final Checklist - 5 days of final preparation.

E. Remember, what you learn in the last 10 to 15 days is what you will draw on the most in your exam.

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