PMP® Certification - Retraining Options -

PMP® Certification Retraining Options
by Nereda Haque, PMP

To all our current or future trainees:

What we want to do is motivate you to pass the exam the first time. And if you don't, seek us for further help to assess your challenges, and take corrective action.

This story is about structured learning. It's about guiding your learning from start to finish so the understanding is reinforced in all of the areas sufficiently, so you can feel prepared and confident when you take the PMP Exam.

After 4 days of training, start your interactive and simulated learning by concentrating on over 2,100 practice questions online. Practice is done by referring to pmWorkbook, pmWorkbook Exercise Solutions, and pmWorkflows. We have found a creative way to deepen the trainee's understanding by creating questions that teach and test at the same time - because they are both interactive and simulated.

The practice questions not only test you, but they teach you as you do one question after another, and they enforce your learning. However, interactive learning means you will refer to your materials from time to time to understand why you got it wrong.

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