pmWorkbook and pmWorkflows - Description

A. pmWorkbook™ that contains:
1. Complete instructions of what you need to do to pass the PMP® Exam.
2. Complete slides that cover all of the concepts, OTTI (Outputs, Tools & Techniques and Inputs)
3. Sequence learning of the processes
4. How to Study for the PMP Exam
5. How to Answer Situational Questions & What Can go Wrong within the Processes
6. Checklist of what you need to know in order to pass
7. Lot of Prep Exercises to help you learn outputs and inputs and crystalize keywords to look out for during the Exam
8. Synonyms for the EVM questions as most of the formulas will not be given you in the Exam. You will need to understand what formula you should use from the question
9. Almost 700 questions are in your materials. All of these questions are part of the simulated questions. Analytical answers cover all the questions in your book along with key word identification.
10. 4 or 5 days of training.

B. pmWorkflows™ that consist of:
1. Thirteen, 11 x 17 inch workflows, laminated and in color that provide you
2. Project management visibility by Knowledge Area, PM Roles, Process Sequences
3. Processes with outputs and inputs
4. Visibility to see where the process outputs inputs other processes
5. Formulas for Business Case, EVM, Pert
6. Roles of the project management associated with the knowledge area
7. Tools & Techniques associated with the process

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