PMP(R) Certification Success - Taking the Plunge - You can do it SmartPath LLC trainees!

PMP(R) Certification Success - Taking the Plunge - You can do it SmartPath LLC trainees!
PMP(R) Certification Success - updated 1-2-2021, This is all about reasoning, logic and seizing the moment.

Sacrifice your adult pride, just this once, so you can pass, and pass quickly. This article is all about taking the plunge. It will bring results. What we're talking about is learning the way that's proven vs. ignoring directions and doing it your way. At SmartPath LLC, we respect adults and their desire to learn their way; however, when it comes to passing the PMP Exam, try doing it our way, whether you want to pass within 30 days or not, because our way has proven success. Follow the instructions laid out in the Study Guide starting with the first day of class.

When it Comes to Passing the PMP Exam, Practice the questions SmartPath LLC's way. It works.
What matters is that you escalate your ability to understand all kinds of questions through cognitive practice. It's like learning to drive a car. With some practice you can do it. Well this exam is just the same. SmartPath LLC's practice provides lots of situational exposure for all kinds of questions, presented in all kinds of formats, and we want you to think about each question cognitively. It is important to practice answering mock exam questions where you think about what you're answering like this: Asking yourself, why is this answer wrong? And why is this answer the best answer or the only possible answer? And this method should carry throughout all of the questions in order to find the best answer or answers. This quadruples your questions in a way by looking at all of the angles, and increasing your cognitive abilities - your ability to analyze. Practicing this way will increase your ability to analyze under pressure.

High scores don't matter so much as how you're practicing:
When you're practicing, it's not about getting high scores so much that produces excellent exam results, because you can also achieve a high score by picking the right one out by rote, but you won't succeed in the exam if you choose to do it this way. You will only cheat yourself of the results you wish to achieve. And, the PMP Exam is not a software certification where you are trained to do the same thing over and over by picking it out so you can replicate that on the same questions in a software exam. The PMI organization does not provide prior exams for you to consider or practice. There is no such thing as real exam questions to practice.

Okay, so why am I writing this?

It is natural for us to trust ourselves more than someone else: We could trust the proven methods and avoid sabotaging our success; however, we cringe when we think of possible failure so we ignore everything. I am writing this because after we've just finished another PMP Certification with Exam Prep, and the instructor is giving all of the final instructions, it's like for some, he didn't say anything. I don't think their minds were wandering. I think from day one of class, some people are already thinking how they can learn this information even though every day the instructor tells them how and what to practice tonight, and what to do to pass the exam.

So what do people do to sabotage their PMP passing success? Here's 3 major things they do:

(1) Form A study group versus practicing the online quizzes SmartPath LLC's way:
During training they have already hijacked one or two in the class to study with them versus practicing the quizzes which they are supposed to do. How does this affect them? People in the group will not be escalating their knowledge, instead they usually "fall" to the lowest level equal to the person's knowledge who knows the least. Adage: water seeks the lowest level. It's true here. Avoid this even if you have a lot of gaps. You need to think on your own. No one can think for you when you're taking the exam. this method can make everyone in the group fail.

(2) They decide to read and study their pmWorkbook and the Prep book for months on end instead of doing their online quiz learning practice. They reason that after all this is how we passed all our other exams in the past. They have already determined that they want to read the pmWorkbook and the Prep book through first because they have determined they don't know enough even though the quizzes cover everything in the book, and they will pass if they practice them using our methods. They feel that it would be better for them to do it their way. When the truth is, the stories that the instructor told, and the discussions that were shared in the classroom are still fresh in your head, so you need to build on this knowledge as soon as possible, immediately after you finished the 10 hours of practice post class. So on day 3, do yourself a favor, and do your online quiz learning.

(3) They're purchased flashcards or they've make their own instead of doing their online quizzes first:
They rationalize that this method will make them more ready to practice the quizzes. They have decided to make flashcards first or buy them, when we don't recommend using flashcards because they encourage rote learning and memorization. We want to increase and induce understanding. We have interactive and simulated learning by practicing the quizzes which will help them learn everything that they are worried about.

How can you find the courage to follow SmartPath LLC's proven methods?
Take the plunge. Recently I watched a Nature program on TV showing little birds perched high up in a nest formed in the crux of a large waving branch of a very tall tree which dangled over a rocky cliff that overlooked a beautiful seascape. The birds were hundreds of feet above the rocks, and they were timidly peeking over the edge of their nest viewing how far down it really was to the bottom. And then an amazing thing happened, one after another they jumped, and instinctively they open their wings and glided down safely to the rocks below. This was the first time they had ever used their wings. To pass, become like those little birds. Determine to take the plunge.

Every week we are amazed by the people with the least amount of experience, and the least amount of knowledge who "jump" over the edge, just like those little birds. They think about doing over 1,900 practice quizzes after class. They divide them by the number of days they want to take to learn. They give themselves a day to know their memory joggers and formulas, and review areas that they identified were challenging for them and they take the plunge. They dive down and during the exam they find their wings, and they land safely, grasping that piece of paper that says, "Congratulations! "You passed!" The relief is beyond belief. They can't believe there eyes. They did it!

You can do it! Even you can do it within 30 to 60 days. How fast do you want to do it? How effective do you want your study to be?