What You Will Receive & Your PMP(R) Class Benefits

<span style="color:green"> What You Will Receive & Your PMP(R) Class Benefits</span>
PMP(R) Classes for the current PMP Exam started March 26, 2018 and following. It will end on 6-30-2020 which is the last day you can take this exam. This page is about your PMP Certification Training with Exam Prep Class: (updated 11-3-2019)

Overview of What You Will Receive.

35 hours: You receive 35 hours of formal education and the training which is structured to put you at the best vantage point to pass the PMP Exam as well as improve your skill sets. If you are not approved to take the Exam, you can submit your application on the last day of training. We will help you with this in the classroom. You will learn how to do the application with guidelines and send it to Nereda Haque, PMP on day two for review. You will get it back with comments and you will be able submit it on the last day of training. PMP Exam acceptance usually takes 4 to 5 business days and it is good for a one year period.

When Can You Take the PMP Exam? After you have exam accceptance, Finding seats is relatively easy. Pearson Vue is the exam center for all PMI exams. Once you have paid for your exam, you will see all center information in your dashboard when you log into pmi.org. Make sure you have enough time to finish all quiz practice before taking your exam.

How much training do you need to do before joining our class?
No training is needed before class.

Re-sitting Live Online Only: If you have many gaps, and you are a slower learner, you may need to re-sit, which you can do 100% Live Online using your computer for up to six months post training. You can do this even before you take your exam. If you take your first exam within 30 days, then you will receive an additional 2 more opportunities to re-sit, once before any exam you are taking within 12 months after your original training or for the Do It Again (DIA) retraining. For other retraining resitting, read your options for re-sitting. We understand that some people learn more slowly than others, so our re-sitting program helps those who need to refresh again according to their needs.

Free rescheduling of your class dates anytime:

How You Will Learn: Aside from 4 days of 100% Live Instructor-led learning, and a free 30-day online quiz practice subscription, you will learn the concepts and connections through exercises and workflows that will help you understand the context of the PMP Exam questions. The online quiz practice is for simulated quiz practice for more situational learning practice and to fill in any experience gaps, as well as drill downs on tools and techniques and inputs and outputs. These learning tools add lots of visibility to project management and increase your understanding.

"Understand it. Don't Cram it:" This is our motto. Understanding is crucial in order to pass the PMP Exam, but understand is not enough. You also need practice. Drilling down into the content in your materials is also very important.

See Our Guarantees including a pass guarantee for a third exam payment. See compliance details
To read the guarantees click here.

Resitting is by Live Online Only. This is the URL for both Eastern and Pacific Schedules: 100% Live Online using your computer.

Summary of What You Will Receive

For PMP Certification Training with Exam Prep: You Will Receive:
•4 days of training
• 35 hours of Instructor Led Learning & a Certificate of completion that qualifies you for the 35 hours of required formal education if you need it. All the prep information in this class is the information you need to pass the Exam which happens to be the information you need to know to drive successful projects. PMI is very practical.
• pmWorkbook – Covers all Exam areas including understanding of concepts, connections & context through special exercises, plus the roles of the project manager. We provide proven, successful methods to pass the PMP Exam. All PMP Exam practice questions come with analytics so they will help you. pmWorkbook Exercises' book is filled with 3 types of Prep Exercises and their solutions.
• 16 Workflows double-sided paper, 11" x 17" for project visibility and increased understanding. The Workflows show outputs and the processes they input. There is one workflow for each of the 10 knowledge areas. They also include the Process Group Matrix that show the processes by knowledge area. They also show you the Sequencing Matrix and the PM's Roles Matrix. Workflows 14,15 are the OTTIs/ITTOS Matrix, and # 16 is the Operations & Project Environments Matrix
• Time off for lunch: one hour. There are also small breaks throughout the schedule
• Onsite training is for organizational groups of 8 or more
A. 100% Live Online Live Online Training using your computer. This has become the most asked for training.

What some of our customers say about SmartPath LLC's training. PMP Live Online; or Testimonials: Group training in PMP DC; or Group PMP training in Bellevue, WA ; or Group PMP training in Troy-MI