PMP(R) Certification Exam Prep, Troy, MI - 100% Live Online or at your Location for Group Training

PMP(R) Certification Exam Prep, Troy, MI  - 100% Live Online or at your Location for Group Training
PMP(R) Certification Training with Exam Prep, 100% Live Online for the PMP exam that started 1/2/2021. The PMP exam is not included in the training price. (This page was update 2-22-2023.) Class Item #: TRPM04-0102-21-B. The PMP exam has increased to $575 for non-PMI Members. Members are still charged $405. Repeat exams exam the same price. This page was update 3-7-2023.

Contact Person: Call or text Nereda Haque, PMP at 360-584-8614 for all future training needs or just email her

SmartPath LLC is an Authorized Training Partner, (A.T.P)*, # 3441.

Instructor's Experience: See Mo Haque's experience, MSEE, PMP, PMI-PBA, PMI-ACP, CMfgT, EDMP, PMI(R) PMI(R) Authorized Trainer.

PMP(R) Certification Prep Live Online for Individual Training or small groups: (a) anyone; (b) Federal Government or Other US Government Agencies. Pick any training dates off the appropriate menu.

Summary of Services: Training if 100% Live Online. The PMP exam is not included in our quoted training prices, unless your organization is the Federal Government, then we will include it if it is needed. SmartPath LLC is a Michigan Proprietary School, I.D. No 8604001264 and a PM(R) Authorized Training Partner, # 3441.

Please contact us regarding your needs for live online. Michigan Proprietary School, I.D. No 8604001264.

This class provides 35 hours for exam approval and the prep trainees need to pass. See Comprehensive materials below.

Live Online Options for small groups or individuals 100% Live Online using a laptop or desktop. This method is a trending way for PMP Exam group preparation training.

About the PMP Exam: We are already training for the PMP Exam that is starting/has started 1/2/2021.

Time and Dates Onsite: Let us know the dates you would like for see the above Live Online Options.

See our testimonials and our Comprehensive Materials Package Details.

Audience: Project Managers, Program Managers, IT Managers or Developers, Business Managers, Business Analysts, Operation Managers, Engineers, Architects, CEOs, MBAs, Event Planners, Educators, CFOs, HR Managers, Quality and Risk Managers, Marketing & Advertising Managers - anyone who has been doing projects even if you are unaware that you've been managing projects, even if you are the only person on you team, etc. You don't need a project manager or program manager title to claim project management experience. You need management experience across all process groups though. What are examples of projects?

Class Objectives:
The trainee should be able to manage a team to plan, execute and complete a project aligned to the business environment. To do this:
(1) The trainee will create a high-performing team
(2) Plan and manage the project
(3) Execute and assess the project work
(4) And keep the team on track while keeping the business in mind. Source: PMI(R) Authorized PMP(R) Exam Prep book, About This Course., V1 and V2.

Considerations for some who may not have any formal experience. We have extra quiz practice to fill in their gaps if needed, along with supplemental materials. These items are provided as part of the training.

How is SmartPath LLC is Different from other Training Companies? Along with the PMI(R) Authorized PMP(R) Exam Prep content, trainees will also receive 15 unique class workflows and other supplemental material that will help them apply what they learned on the job. This materials also provides two checklists for the PMP Exam that act as reminders. They can then look up anything that they don't remember.

Full-Service Class Description Summary & Budget Considerations For Onsite Training: Training is 35 instructor led class hours. You can request a 4 day or 5-day training. Extra time is allowed for breaks. Our training includes a 6 months online quiz practice learning that starts on day 3 or 4 of class. It can be purchased by the trainee later if they do not do it in this time frame. Class materials are provided in the classroom on the first day of training, and the PMI assigned material - the PMI(R) Authorized PMP(R) Exam Prep content - will be assigned to individual trainees. We answer all questions by texts, emails or scheduled phone calls while trainees are preparing for the PMP Exam. See Smart Benefits below. The first and second PMP Exams are not included; however, a 3rd exam may be included based on trainee compliance activities. Some of these services can be scaled back prior to training depending on your budget.

Materials / Class Content & Shipping For Live Online Training: The PMI class material is purchased for your training group through Logical Operations, a PMI distribution partner. Class materials includes the PMI(R) Authorized PMP(R) Exam Prep book either digital, hardcopy, or both and SmartPath LLC's SmartPath LLC's supplemental Prep content for exam and work visibility is provided in digital format provided during Live Online classes, or in printed format for face-to-face training. PMI assigns their print/digital to each trainee only and reassignment is not allowed. Therefore we would need to purchase the exam content ahead of time, according to your requirements, and assign the key code during the first day of class. PMI does not refund on print or digital so we can't either. PMI digital is assigned for 12 months when you log into their link. Purchase 10 business days ahead of the class so your material - if print or print and digital so you will receive it in time, or order it in digital only. Trainees can add comments in the digital Authorized Prep book so most people are going with digital. Digital is automatically updating within the same exam time frame if there are any edits or changes add to the exam information. We know every organization is different so you can select what you need for your group.

PMP Exam Application: Do trainees have questions about their experience? Trainees don't need a title of project manager in order to claim project experience. We also provide a checklist and guideline for filling out the PMP application. It is easy to apply. It is about answering a series of questions in pull-down menu. A project is described as a temporary endeavor with a start and finish date with a unique outcome.

See all class details.

PMP Exam costs are extra: $405 for PMI; Members and $575 for non-members. 2nd and third exams are $275 / $375. You will pay the Project Management Institute for your exam once you are approved.

PMP Exam Requirements
(1) Experience Requirements for the PMP Exam: To be accepted for the PMP Exam, you will need
        4,500 hours of project management experience over 36 months with a four year degree / equivalent or greater or
        7,500 hours over 60 months with high school diploma / equivalent, plus 35 hours of project management training.
(2) Training Requirements: We provide the 35 hours of formal project management training including the prep trainees need to pass the exam.

PDU information: Claim Code: 3441HWZB30 Class Item #: TRPM04-0102-21-B

PDU Breakdown: Technical (T), Leadership (L), Strategic (S) PMP/PgMP: PDUs: T/L/S: 25/5/5
PMI-ACP: PDUs: T/L/S: 20/5/5
PfMP: PDUs: T/L/S: 25/5/5
PMI-PBA: PDUs: T/L/S: 15/5/5