PMP(R) Exam Pointers Review Prep,  <br>Any Experienced PM Includes 60 days of Quiz Practice <br> You must have the <br> Authorized PMP(R) Prep content<br>

PMP(R) Exam Pointers Review Prep,
Any Experienced PM Includes 60 days of Quiz Practice
You must have the
Authorized PMP(R) Prep content

Item# Prep-Review-Pointers-3-hours
3-Hour PMP(R) Certification Exam Pointers for Any Experienced Project Manager with and expert and authorized Instructor. This training provides 60 days of Online Quiz Practice starting on the last day. You should not purchase this class if you don't have current PMP Exam content / material. This URL will be used later.

See 4-day or two weekend PMP Training. See retraining shorter options, including loyalty retraining.

Audience: Any experience project manager who has studied 2021 current PMP(R) Exam content / material. You should have a PMI(R) Authorized PMP Exam Prep book or digital content. If you need authorized material and content, then select this training instead.

Expert and Authorized Instructor is: , MSEE, PMP, PMI-ACP, PMI-PBA, CMfgT, EDMP. See his PMI badges.

Class Details: PMP(R) Certification Exam Review Pointers, 100% Live Online - Add On to a previous PMP Certification Prep training you purchase from anywhere for the current 2021 PMP Exam. This training includes 60-days of online quiz training. This training does not come with any PMP(R) exam content or materials. It assumes you have the new PMI-Authorized PMP Exam Prep book or digital copy at the very least. If you need material and digital content, along with our supplemental content, then purchase this training package.

If you don't already have an exam scheduled, then go to and complete your PMP application, and purchase your exam. It's easy now. Just keep answering their questions.

Do you have questions? Email if you have any questions.

Method of Training:100% Live Online using your desktop or laptop.

What You Receive and What Do Not Receive
⁍ We provide 3 Hours of PMP(R) Exam Prep Review Pointers. This Review also includes a 60-day online PMP(R) quiz practice learning login. Material & Content are not included as this is an add-on to prior training from another training source or SmartPath LLC. We answer your questions by email or text as you are studying for your exam. Training companies that do not provide the authorized PMP(R) Exam Prep content in print or digital are not authorized to teach the PMP(R) Exam Prep content. The PMP exam fees are no included. Nothing else promised.

100% Live Online training: You will get the email from after the last class on the same day and or before your training on the same day. Using a headphone is preferred and is needed if you are planning to participate in class discussion. Text Nereda Haque at 360-584-8614 if you can’t find your link.