This is a PMP® Certification Fast Track Exam Review Add-on

This is a PMP® Certification Fast Track Exam Review Add-on

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PMP® Certification Fast Track Exam Review - Add On to your training. This is an instructor training that you can do now that you have studied your materials and you have done your online practice. This is for the current PMP Exam. Bring your materials with you to class. Bring the materials shown in the picture to class or have them ready for Live Video Conference Online.

Only do this class if you have your materials: This is the class you need if you already have SmartPath LLC's Materials V5.2(f). This 4 Hour learning session does not provide materials, quiz subscription or handouts. Other purchase the Premium Exam Prep for $339 - which includes all 3 materials (the package), 30-day Quiz Subscription when you're ready, and the 3 Hour Instructor Led Review of Exam Prep.

This training is for PMP exam that started March 25, 2018. This 3 hour Review class is available onsite in Onsite in Washington DC or Bellevue-Seattle WA (Bellevue) or Live Online via Live Video Conference. We will send you class instructions upon purchase. You may contact us regarding dates that would be good for you. 3 hour evenings are conducted over two evenings so you can complete your homework.

Do you have questions? Email if you have any questions.

Method of Training:100% Live Online using your computer.

How this 3 hour add-on class works: This PMP Certification Fast Track Exam Review provides 3 hours of Prep Review. Bring your new SmartPath LLC PMP materials with you to class as you will need them. This is a great refresher.

What You Receive and What Do Not Receive
⁍ We provide 4 Hours of Prep Training
Nothing else is promised.

Instructor is: Mo Haque, MSEE, PMP, ACP, PBA if the same class is also offered via Live Video Conference.

Audience: For prior SmartPath LLC PMP Trainees who have purchased the SmartPath LLC new PMP materials and / or the PMP Online Quiz Package Subscription (which includes the PMP materials.) If you did not purchase the quiz practice, please do so and finish all studying before the class. This class is not to train you but to Prep you. We cannot cover everything in 3 hours that we do in 4 days. If you need lots more help, then take a "Do it Again" training, and if you are a SmartPath LLC 4-day Trainee or see our other 4 day options and become a SmartPath LLC trainee where you have up to 6 months of resitting onsite based on seats available or Live Video Conference.

When A SmartPath LLC Trainee does not need this class: When you are a current SmartPath LLC trainee who has 6 months of resitting or through compliance, you have two more bonus resitting opportunities.

Instructions for Live Video Conference Training (LVC): You will get the email from Please add this email to your contacts. Using a headphone is preferred and is needed if you are planning to participate in class discussion. Mo will send the link out late night before or early morning of. Text me at 360-584-8614 if you can’t find your link.

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