PMP(R) Exam Preparation, Experience Submission - What are Examples of Projects?

PMP(R) Exam Preparation, Experience Submission - What are Examples of Projects?
PMP(R) Exam Preparation, Experience Submission - What are Examples of Projects?

By Nereda Haque, PMP - updated 12-6-16

Rule of thumb: you don't need a title of a project manager to qualify. For the PMP Exam, you must support that you have led and directed the projects that you submit on your PMP Exam application. Your role should be appropriate to reflect that you lead and directed your projects. For CAPM Certification, you can qualify with a minimum of a high school diploma; however, we have found that this course is better for you if you already have exposure and some experience to project management concepts, processes, knowledge and skills. This is where you begin if you lack the hours. But first understand what a project is if you are a PMP candidate, in order to determine your project management experience.

What a project is not: It is not daily operations where you do the same things routinely with the same outcomes. Daily routine work belongs to operations.

Process Groups: The project's processes fall within 5 process groups and you are the project leader who facilitates and collaborates with other stakeholders in order to manage your project's outcomes (there are 3 domains for the new exam starting 12/16/2019. When you are detailing your experience you need to think about your project management experience reporting in terms of the following:
Initiating the project: All projects have a beginning or perhaps you replaced another Project manager. Even so you will have some initial steps.
Planning: This is about how you are going to do it.
Executing the project is about implementing what was planned - whether it is for a product, a service, a result or a process improvement
Monitoring & Controlling the project's work - The PM makes sure that the deliverables conform to the project plan and you are measuring project performance. The deliverables are tested and you get customer sign-off.
Finally, the project is closed. It is over. Closing processes and tasks must be performed and you will obtain customer feedback, etc.

Project Phases: Long projects are often divided into project phases. Each phase is a complete project life cycle unless the project is cancelled.

The project manager is assigned a project and collaborates with relevant stakeholders throughout the project life cycle. When you are in class, you will learn about the role of the project manager who has lots of responsibility, but very little authority in most organizational environments.

Some people struggle with understanding the difference between a project and operations because in business, the military or in government organizations we do many projects; however, they are not always labeled as projects. Your work doesn't have to be labeled as a project; neither do you need a title of a "project manager." And often, not everything we do is a project.

Experience Qualification for the PMP Exam:
(1) If you have a minimum of a 4-year degree or equivalent: 36 months of project management experience with 4,500 hours of experience
(2) If you have a minimum of a a high school diploma or equivalent: 60 months of project management experience with 7,500 hours of experience.

Important: Dont report more than 40 hours a week or 160 hours per month. The PMP applicant can go back as far as 8 years to get their experience.

Business analysis
Strategic planning
Training planning and implementation projects A project like training counts the first time with one execution. A training can be reported as a project when it is revised and then you can report it again as it has a unique outcome. You can count training when you are preparing from someone elses materials or when you are developing it as it has the same parameters apply
Policies and procedures
Any military planning and implementation
Special reports or reporting
Revamping the Retirement Plans
Writing company handbooks, policies, procedures
Revamping or redesigning business processes
Process improvement, process gaps analysis or process reengineering, etc
Events Planning
Prototype design for manufacturing: Includes the first Prototypes, and test products, first product
Sales projects, advertising projects, marketing projects or IT project management
Budget projects, inventory projects (twice per year)
Procurement Department is part of project management
PMO - where the PMO took over and led and directed the project team

Reminder: There are many projects within Operations but routine, daily work are not projects because they are ongoing. The accountant to records cash in every day and reconciles reports every month is doing his / her daily job. However, when they analyze year end data for reconciling and forecasting the next year's budget, then they are doing a project.

How to Determine a Project?
Does your project have a start date and end date? Does it have a unique outcome, such as a product, service, result or process improvement? These are the key elements of a project description.

For CAPM Certification: If you are choosing to take the CAPM exam please read this: It is best to take a course that will go over the Certification Knowledge areas and have a good Exam Prep that should involve various exercises to create understanding. Due to a lot of changes to the PMP Exam and the CAPM Exam, we are no longer allowing CAPM candidates to take their training with the PMP class.

Our CAPM training at SmartPath LLC qualifies you to take the CAPM Exam. You don't need anything else, except at least a high school diploma.

The Project Management Institute provides a handbook for each and every exam. You can go to and download it for yourself.

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