PMI-ACP(R) Class Objectives - Both Learning & Training

PMI-ACP(R) Class Objectives - Both Learning & Training
PMI-ACP(R) Training & Learning Objectives

PMI-ACP Training Objectives:
To Provide Agile Project Management Training that:
• Prepares you for the PMI-ACP Certification Exam
• Prepares you to excel as an Agile PM. You will use Agile Manifestos, Domains, Methodologies, Workflows, Handouts and selected documents.
• Is Process-Driven - Connects Agile manifestos and principles with PM roles.
• Provides Easy-to-follow Processes based on industry standards. Connects process outputs based on the situation and use of the right tool & technique
• Is Understandable. "Understand it. Don't Cram it."

Learning Objectives:
Learn and understand Agile Project Management Certification requirements, Agile Manifestos, Domains, Methodologies, and tools & techniques so that you can:
• Apply learned processes in managing an agile project in real life project management
• Produce needed documents to manage agile projects.
• Understand Agile project management and not cram it.
• Apply for the certification examination so you can take the PMI-ACP Exam.