PMI-PBA(R) Certifications Benefits of Training

PMI-PBA(R) Certifications <span style="color: #FF1493">Benefits of Training </span>
PMI-PBA(R) Certifications Benefits - updated 2-7-2020

 • Help with PMI-PBA Application
 • 35 hours over 4 days
 • bpaWorkbook includes workflows for BA project visibility and workflow for PM / Agile Collaboration (in the class materials)
 • Free Re-sitting* even if you haven't taken the PMI-PBA Exam - for up to six months live online or until PMI(R) changes the exam, whichever is first
 • Pass fast or take your time, although taking the exam within 30 days is highly recommended
 • Free Online Quiz Practice - for up to 30 days from the last day of class
 • Free rescheduling
 • Guaranteed to run training at the time of purchase
 • Get the "how-to" (explicit and tacit knowledge) and improve your skills for real life "Business Analysis"
 • Expert Instructor
Pass by understanding and learn through visibility
 • Pass within 30 days or less depending on your learning skills & experience
 • You are eligible for loyalty discounts on other instructor led certification training from SmartPath LLC - including PDU training.
 • Pass Guarantee applies for a Third Exam based on these compliance. See your pass guarantee below for your compliance requirements.
 •You may reschedule your training without cost to you; however, if you must finish your training within 6 months of your original schedule.

Other Smart Benefits: - PMI-PBA Certification made easier by using proven methods you will love!
• Roadmap to keep you focused
• No Prior Prep Needed
• Expert Instructors with 25 plus industry experience

• Smaller classes held more often for easier learning and more interaction.

*There may not many opportunities to re-sit this training and these classes are not held on weekends. However, we answer all your questions by text, email. or scheduled phone calls while you are preparing for your exam.

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