Overview of Foundations of <br>Project Management

Overview of Foundations of
Project Management

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Project Management Training - An Overview of Project Management Foundations. Get refreshed on best practices. Learn updated knowledge. Get the skills for team knowledge. This class is a high level view of project management fundamentals providing a solid foundation for project management. This class details project management essentials. This class may also be exactly what you need to improve your team's performance. It's just 7 hours! This class is very easy to take online. The class book will be mailed to you if you are taking it online. Be a productive team member or get your team back on track with this incredible training.

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Contact Hours: 7 hours. It is often 3.5 hours over two evenings. We will do this class for one person.

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Class Alignment: PMBOK(R) Guide(R), 6th Edition.

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Class Description & Audience: This class is a “Overview” of the Foundations of Project Management that are excellent for anyone who has some exposure in project management or who has never taken an industry best practices class in project management. This class is also excellent for those who want to develop their project team or project support staff.

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Overview of the Foundations of Project Management

Method of Training: 100% Live Online using your computer or laptop.

This is a 100% fully led instructor training, whether it is 100% Live Online or onsite for your group. We do not play videos to instruct you.

Will we do this training for your group at an onsite location? Yes, in MI, DC, VA, and WA.

Purpose: This class establishes a comfortable knowledge of what project management is; gives you an overview of how a project is planned for scope, time, cost, quality, risk and stakeholder management. This class helps you understand what is needed in order to move your knowledge and experience toward project manager competence.

Class Outline: This class helps you align to project management concepts and terminology and familiarity, not to learn all of the project management details. This class's contents include the overview (brief discussion) of all of the following in order to create initial understanding and project management visibility:

(1) Project Management Basics and Initiation
• Welcome & Introduction
• Training Objectives / Goals
        o Understand project management – industry best practices
        o Elevate the level of Project Management Service & Support
        o Align operations to the Project Management Industry best practices
        o Define what makes a successful Project manager
        o Create a path for trainees to obtain PMP Certification by increasing project management knowledge - you can use the 7 hours of this class towards the 35 hours of formal project management training required for PMP Exam approval, or for the 23 hours of project management training required for CAPM exam approval. See all PMI certification requirements for PMP Exam approval.
   • Operations and Project Environment
   • What is an Enterprise or a Business, or Operations?
   • Operations Management
   • What is a Project and what are Project Outcomes?
   • Project Vs. Operational Work
   • Type of Organizational Structures
   • EEF, OPA and Organizational Influences
   • Organizational Influences & Factors
   • What is Project Management?
   • Project Management Processes and Process Groups Interactions
   • Organizational Benefits Analysis
   • Benefits Management Plan
   • Triple Constraints & Ring of Fire

(2) In class activity
   • Align what you learned to your work (Exercise 1)

(3) break

(4) Project Lifecycles
   • Comparison of Leadership and Management
   • Typical Project Phase – Effort, Staffing & Cost
   • Characteristics of a Traditional Project Lifecycle
   • Project Governance
   • Understanding an Organization’s Stakeholders
   • Project Stakeholders (Internal or External)    • Stakeholder Analysis
   • Project Leadership
   • Comparisons of Leadership and Management

(5) Planning Processes in Groups
   1. Scope Planning
   2. Activities Planning
   3. Resource Planning
   4. Schedule Planning
       i. Gantt Chart
       ii. Milestone Chart
   5. Cost Planning
   6. Quality Planning
   7. Risk Planning
       i. Scope, Time, Cost and Quality Risks
       ii. Risk Prioritization
   8. Plan Approval & Start of the Project

(6) Break

(7) Obtaining Resources & Directing Work
   • Acquire Project Team
   • Conduct Procurement
   • Manage Stakeholder Engagements
   • Direct and Manage Project Work
   • Assure Quality and Manage Communications
   • Develop and Manage Team

(8) Control Project Environment
   • Monitor and Control Project Work
   • Control Risks
   • Control Stakeholder Engagements
   • Control Communications

(9) Measure Performance and Control Changes
   • Control Scope
   • Control Schedule
   • Control Costs

(10) Break

(11) Validate and Accept Deliverables
   • Control Procurements
   • Control Quality
   • Validate Scope

(12) Close Project & Transition to the Operations
   • Resolve Issues Throughout
   • Close Procurements
   • Close Project
   • Perform Benefits Realization

(13) Project Manager Competence Environment
   • Align what you learned to your work (Exercise 2)
   • Q & A

You will receive:
   • A total of 7 contact hours of training
   • A certificate for the completion of 7 hours in project management training. Your hours of training are accumulative towards 35 contact hours of formal education required by the PMIฎ organization to receive approval for the 35 hours for PMP Exam and towards the 23 hours need for CAPM exam approval. Note: This class does not provide you enough information to pass either the PMP or the CAPM exams.
   • Class handouts Workflow: 11 x 17 in color. Projects in Operations' Environments, and class handout which includes class slides and exercises. Put this information into practice and it will make learning for the CAPM or PMP exams easier because it is an excellent foundation.

Class # is OPMF-E6 TLS

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