PMP(R) Certification Visibility Board - PMP Exam that started 1/2/2021
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PMP(R) Certification Visibility Board - PMP Exam that started 1/2/2021<br> Scroll down for an overview.
Preparation for the PMP(R) Exam that started 1-2-2021. Welcome to SmartPath LLC's Exam Visibility Board. See 4-day or Two Weekend PMP(R) Certification with Exam Prep schedules and purchase URL.. Testimonials. This page has been updated on 1-9-2021. Check out your PMP exam Roadmap and Blueprint as they have both been recently updated.

Quiz Practice: Number of answers in multiple choice questions may vary. You may have as many as 5 answers. You might be asked to choose, 1, 2 or 3 answers. You will be asked to match information, fill in the blanks (limited) and you will get hotspot questions.

(1) Trainees who have come through our PMP certification training who have questions should contact Nereda Haque, PMP by phone or text at 360-584-8614 or email her

(2) PMP Trainees taking the PMP Exam that started 1/2/2021 will find complete instructions in SmartPath LLC's supplemental material package. Please inform us once you have a PMP exam schedule.

(3) Life can get in your way, we know that. No problem. Contact Nereda Haque for what to do now. You can also see lots of options on this page or V6 Trainees and V5 or earlier PMP exam Trainees: V5 trainees can pick any regular loyalty retraining or any shorter training that says for any PM. For V6 trainees: Retraining, Loyalty, Transition and shorter classes start at $272 and up. The Transition option is for V6 trainees due to COVID-19 constraints and will be only offered until the last class of March 30-Apr 2, 2021. You need to put yourself on several rosters in order to get on a class that could happen. Someone has to purchase the class at new prices or loyalty pricing in order for you to do 4 days of training at $272. See our website for more details. We provide the PMI(R) Authorized PMP(R) Exam Prep content in digital and print. Digital is good for one year.

Getting the PMI(R) PMP Exam content: It is taking up to 10 business days for trainees to get this exam prep content in print and 4 to 5 days in digital. You will receive both digital and print content. Plan extra time if there is a holiday close to the dates you want. We have to order this content through Logical Operations / LO Choice. Once our order is place it is processed that day if it is placed before 2 PM and printed, then shipped. Please keep this in mind when ordering so you have either digital or print at the start of class. All exam content is comprised of the Prep book as just described, pmWorkbook supplemental materials package by SmartPath LLC that provides cross referenced study guides to the Prep book and SmartPath LLC's workflows, other charts, and 15 workflows for additional project management visibility and exam visibility. SmartPath LLC provides these in digital format.

The PMI(R) PMP Exam Content Assignment: The content is assigned to you only and cannot be re-assigned. It is not refundable as PMI does not refund it. We are double checking all shipping addresses at the time of each purchase. PMI's digital content log in is good for 12 months only.