SmartPath LLC's PMP(R) Course Development

SmartPath LLC's PMP(R) Course Development
SmartPath LLC's PMP(R) Course Development

The PMP/CAPM project management courses were developed by expert Mo Haque, MSEE, MSEE, PMP, PMI-PBA, PMI-ACP with contributions by Nereda Haque, PMP through 12/30/2020. Now PMI(R) has published their PMI(R) Authorized PMP(R) Exam Prep content and we are supplying that book for our PMP Certification Prep training, along with supplemental materials for additional exam and work visibility. We have also developed an extensive amount of quiz practice for each of our PMI(R) Exam classes. Mo Haque has over 25 years of global experience for Fortune 1000 companies, and government, as a Director, Program Manager, Project Manager, with as many as 215 project managers on his team at any given time worldwide. He continues to consult in the industry. For over 17 years prior to SmartPath LLC, he trained his project teams, and others who wanted to join, in PMI(R)-based project management. During this time 100% of his students working on his project teams passed the PMI(R) exam; however, not always the first time. Most passed the first time. Mo Haque has created and taught PMP(R) Exam Prep Courses for his teams in these industries and for SmartPath LLC for almost 31 combined years. He has been the curriculum developer and Director of Education/CTO at SmartPath LLC since 2007.

Major contributions to the SmartPath LLC training were also made by Nereda Haque, PMP who also had over 25 years of project management experience and training experience before starting SmartPath LLC. Her experience is from health care, food industry, IT industry, education industry, auto industry, and non-profit industry. She contributed to memory joggers, prep exercises, color coded learning, research, some exam questions and editing. She also answers many trainees' questions while learning, assists all those who fail, or those who need extra assistance passing the PMP Exam, either in person, through emails and / or over the phone. We offer an appointment to review challenges for anyone who failed, etc.

Mo Haque's, PMP and Nereda Haque's record stands for itself. The best way to pass the PMP exam the first time is to study take the 4 days of training, review SmartPath LLC's materials nightly, after class start the quiz practice and take the exam while everything is fresh in your memory.

Information Overload is the number one reason people do not pass the exam the first time. They gather information from everyone when they are "early learners" and don't understand if its correct or not, so they get confused. Second reason is they would rather learn their way, than SmartPath LLC's methods. The third reason is that they didn't spend productive time according to the number of exam questions within the process groups. The fourth reason is that took too long to take the exam after reviewing high impact areas.

Rule of thumb: Our materials are everything you must know in order to pass the PMP Exam. Focus on just this information, along with our prep exercises and practice questions.

Understanding the concepts and processes is absolutely crucial. The more you understand, the less you need to memorize. Associating stories and illustrations from the class and your experience will also help you pass the Exam. Practicing applying the concepts through quiz practice is essential final learning.

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