About the One Hour Live Video Conference PDUs - not currently available

One Hour Live Video Conference PDU Request and Concerns: If you have purchased your PDUs and have special requests click here. To contact Nereda Haque, PMP click here. Note: These subjects aren't being promoted for individual training at this time. We will provide these one hour classes for a group of 4 or more people. Contact Person & Phone:: Nereda Haque, PMP at 360-584-8614

You will need 60 PDUs at the end of your first three years after you receive the PMP® credential!

About SmartPath LLC's One Hour Live Video Conference PDUs: Join via Live Video Conference (LVC) with Mo Haque, MSEE, MSEE, PMP. These classes have some flexibility as we are finding not everyone can do them each time due to schedule. Most people select the quantity of classes they want; then you will receive an invite to training several times per month. You can select off the list or not.

One hour PDUs will recycle throughout the year and next so you will have opportunity to select them again.

You will receive 1 PDU for every hour of training. You may buy one hour @ $50 or as low as $25 each hour for 20 or more one hour Live Video Conference PDU Classes. People are very excited about this training. This is not same-o, same-o training but vital training beyond the PMP® Exam material that will make you even more proficient at what you do daily. See the link below to buy a few classes or buy them in quantity and join a class when you are able.

Our suggestion: Buy the number of PDUs you want and we will send you an announcement when they are available on a regular basis. And you can confirm the ones you want to take, or not, or wait for the next lot.

About the One Hour Training Classes SmartPath LLC is currently building up to 70 classes that will recycle. Purchase of the one hour Video Conference Training PDUs can only be used for one hour Video Conference Training PDUs and cannot be applied to other SmartPath LLC training or PDU training.